Wednesday, September 7, 2011

morning almost afternoon

HElo there, I'm at Mom's and I was up in the Attic trying to figure out what to do with my room again..I just can't find how I want my room to be..I want to paint those dressers and rearrange my room..I have a tall shelving I want to bring to my house and friend was supposed to do that, But he flaked on now I have to find someone to do that. I think I'm tired today I didn't sleep well. So and now I'm a little bit frustrated...I had one idea for my room to be turquoise but idk..any how I took a bunch of linen that was lite blue and white. I had found this comforter at the Good will a few weeks you Remember me telling you it is new and was only 13.00 dollars how could I have pasted it up...It's a really pretty yellow with white and baby blue on one side then the other side is baby blue n lite's washing now and I thought until I paint the dressers I will try this..I'm having such a problem finding the color with this room which I never had a problem before..isn't that funny??

I just love fairy's...don't you...This morning there was a big beige Kitty sleeping on my seat out in the garden when I went to hang clothes but he or she jumped up and ran bad though it looked it very pretty had blue eyes...but I think it's kind of old..I did see it before when I first moved there in the yard next store. . . maybe I will leave some food for it..I will bring some from Mom's house. I'm sure sprinklesz and Isabella won't mind...hehehe...

well I will let you know what I come up with about my bedroom...So have a nice day I have to go put the comforter in the that the rite way to spell that..I your day it's beautiful here in the city..nice day to walk about. with love Janice...


  1. The comforter that you found sounds really pretty. I'm sure your room would look nice decorated in blues! Hope you find a friend to help you move the shelves soon.

  2. Great deal of the comforter, it sounds lovely. It can be hard to decide on what paint colors to go share what color you do end up deciding upon :) I would love to see the dresser when it has had a make-over as well.
    I have been tired as well lately..though the overcast weather here hasn't been helping much either.
    I hope you will see the kitty again, I am sure a little food will tempt her back :)