Friday, September 16, 2011 glad

I Think it's going to be a great weekend full of color...Today is my oldest daughter Stephanie's birthday she turns 31 I feel kind of funny today. My children are growing up and I'm getting older. Well me and Vee are heading across the Bay today to hang out with her and my grandchildren which I think is grand. She has been going to this one Good Will and I can't wait to go find out whats there...excitement indeed..Since they closed our Saver's here it's just been horrible. We miss it so much. I kind of feel bad inside today they are going to visit my son and I didn't want to go but it's how it has to be for now.

I kind of feel he put himself there and so now he must deal with it. And more because it's his second time. But enough of that..I listen to church over the phone last nite. They talked about Attitude and putting on the new personality and how we have to make a choice in life. We can't serve two masters...So that's where the choice comes in..You can't serve the world and God..You have to make a firm choice. I want to serve God truly in my heart so that's what I'm doing, cleaning out the closet. Working on putting good qualities upon ourselves is a good thing as well. You will lose the ruff traits as you work on the attitude.

Here are three scriptures he left...Mark 8:35-37 Luke 13:24 Heb 10:38,39 I haven't read them yet I didn't have my bible last nite. But I will today when I go home.

I feel blessed today to have such great Facebook friends that I have know from Myspace days.. and to have new friends such as you..I wish you a great day and a enchanting weekend my friends....with much love Janice....
See you on MOnday.


  1. Wishing your Daughter a very Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely visit with her and a good weekend :)

  2. Wish you have a great time with your daughter some happiness for a change is good for you...i dont now if i will post on monday cause i got to work..oh yes you said in the weekend you go to your home to go to church and work on your home..oh was forgotten..anyway..hope to hear from you soon..loves from across the miles..soraya..