Friday, September 2, 2011

Lovely Friday Morning...

It's a lovely Friday morning, Vee made it to school all week without any fuss..That'
s a huge blessing in it's self..I'm so happy for her. She seems to be enjoying it... In the car yesterday she was like Mom do you feel like you have a life now. I was well like for me it's a little more difficult. She said mom you don't feel like that cause I'm going to school now..I told her yes I'm so very happy that you have a life now...and a lot of things will change for you.. This morning when I woke up. I thought maybe she was telling me in a way that she finally felt like she had a life. I'am so happy for her. maybe it will help make her life better. She is meeting people and has made new friends. It's exciting I'm already thinking about Prom..he he he...

Lol here is my little tiny baby, SweetPea... She had missed me yesterday so when I got home to Mom's she jumped up to the table and was scratching on my arm then just jumped on me and pushed her way in. Mom says she pouts all the time when I leave her..Awe. I feel bad but I can't always take her with me. Well anyways I finished the star and this is just the first version I want to starch it like they did back in the day. Mom said they had some special starch they used I don't know. I have to find out. I think it came out pretty good.

Yeah, the photo thing is working so here it is, tell me what you think? and remember I'm going to starch it...I have some old green thread as well so I'm going to make one in Green, then I thought I will do a white one with red trim..I'm just fooling around. Well today I'm going down stairs for a little bit I hope..My asthma seems to be bothering me. The other day I started coughing and had to come back up stairs. . . O I went to Salvation Army yesterday, it changed a lot. I did find some sweet tea cups I had wished they had a couple more but the three will do.

Aren't they cute. they were marked five dollars each but they happened to have I think 20% I ended up paying 3.50 each set. I love the turquoise and cream..they seemed so elegant to me. I also got two small rose plates.

I'm trying to find some plate to do a mosaic piece. I been wanting to do that forever. But the plates now that I want to do it are none..figures...well I will just have to keep on the out look lol...these are so pretty though I'm not sure that I want to break them..I think that will be the hardest part for me. breaking them up. silly though. So I think that will be it for today, I'm off to take Vee to school and go to Walgreen's and pick up Mom's medicine and then back here to eat a bite then downstairs...So I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for your lovely comments my new friends. they are so appreciated. with Love Janice


  1. The red and white star is very pretty, I think that will look fab for Christmas ..let me know how the starch works on it.
    The teacups and plates are lovely, what great finds!

  2. Thank you Maggie...happy weekend.hugs