Friday, September 23, 2011

Mornin, it's the first day of Fall

Can you believe it's the first day of Fall, I can't the days just fly by rite under your nose...The crisp clean air of Fall is so wonderful...the leaves turning colors and falling off little by little. You can just feel the air change. I simply love it the most!

I didn't feel much like talking the other day, therapy was not so hot. It was indeed kind of difficult for the both of us. But about a half hour after we left we both came back to earth and went to Walgreen's together to hang out and drop off my medicine and the way smoothed out. I have been working on some doilies for a friend of mine, they are like small coasters, and she wants one star. I had found this thread a while back, it's an old thread from probably the 50's it's a sage green with gold running through it.

This what I have been up to besides running around. Today I'm at Mom's house I decided to stay last nite to be here without running back and forth. I had Vee walk to school today. I'm trying to make her independent as much as possible she seems to be doing well. It leaves me alone but I also have to find my independence as well again. since I had gotten sick I lost everything about me. Slowly though I'm gaining me back to what extent I'm not sure. I just love Fall and I'm thinking of so many things to come...wishing you all a grandeur day... with love Janice.

OUR BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE TODAY.....................XXXX HAPPY FALL...........


  1. I absolutely love fall too! So glad it's here. And what a beautiful sunrise!

  2. Thank you MRs. Q.enjoy your weekend.

  3. hi dear friend..nice fall you too.have a nice weekend..God bless you

  4. Thank you Soraya...happy weekend...

  5. Time sure does fly by!
    I love fall as well..such a pretty time of year, with all the tree's turning their colours etc.
    I like the sage green colour of the doilies, I am sure you friend will be so pleased with them :)

  6. Wow, your work is beautiful! Thank-you for commenting on my blog! Hope you have a blessed week!