Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sleepless nite

Good morning, I had a horrible painful nite...I must have pulled some mussel in my lower side..boy cause I couldn't sleep for nothing the pain was horrible..I finally got up and took some tylenol..and later it stopped hurting. I guess the other day I did just a little bit to much. That's what happens when I do that. I end up suffering..Today I'm barely sitting in the kitchen chair at mom's..Here is a photo of my desk that I got from my dad's truck like 20 years ago maybe longer..I decided to put this doily and I really like it cause you can see the doily it self. We tend to have doilies and cover them all up..I love the design on this, so lol I thought now I can enjoy it. I didn't make the other things that I had thought of baking. And honestly I don't feel much like doing anything cause I still hurting and I'm really tired. really tired.. I had things in mind but this just set me back..The fun things of life getting old and broken...lol...terrible thing. Well friends im on tired so sorry for not posting much..have a great day...with love..Janice


  1. Janice take things just one step of the time make your dollies..think nice things..dont push yourself too much..read some of gods promises is good for you..pray...i think a lot of you..God bless you friend..get some rest..ok? loves soraya

  2. Im so grateful for you Soraya for being my friend...hugs ... I did I went home and relaxed and crochet..well and I made a pie..

  3. I hope you are feeling better Janice. Your doily looks lovely not being covered up.