Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Morning feeling tired

Mornin, I feel sleepy this morning, My hands seem to be hurting they feel sore and painful and a little swollen..I know I have Carpal Tunnel but I believe I also have arthritis. Terrible. We are having another San Francisco foggy morning with the sun shinning out. . I will be going back home today I'm going to Church something I have been waiting to do for a long while now. I found someone who will go with me. I'm very grateful for her "Lynda" so I hope there's no Panic today and I can do this..for each thing that I do is a great challenge. So send large prayers for me Please..ty..The other day my closet fell down and thank goodness the Landlord was around to fix it..Plus he had to move our side gate forward at my suggestion, because I guess some street person keeps using the bathroom there...YUK nasty people. He was doing this yesterday when I left..He's a good Landlord. and I also have this problem with the girl who lives on top of me, her brother keeps throwing cigarette butts in my garden..double YUK..whats wrong with the people now a days..??? They have no respect for anything. I would never think to do something like that. The funny thing is that he see's me cleaning the garden and LOL even told me one morning o very nice...So if it's so nice what makes you think I want cig butts in my vegetable...dum silly person...You know I believe in God strongly and I believe the time are like the bible said..out of control like in Noah's days..It's the time of the end of the system of things..I know a lot of people don't believe this but I do. I have been studying the bible and the more I do the more I understand and see and things make sense to me.

Well Church isn't till Four O'clock so I will stay at Mom's till around 12:30 then go home to get ready. My daughter isn't home she is visiting with a friend and I don't always like to be home Dollie is finished the edging is complete...Finally..I need to make another one the same so I can have two for each end table..I'm thinking on what to make for the coffee table ..hummmm...I saw in this old crochet book the other day the Dollie's that go on the sofa the one for the middle and the two that go on the sides. I can't read the patterns very well but mom said she would help me if I didn't understand something..I guess I don't have enough confidence in me to think I can read them and do it..It seems confusing..LOL another project
I know it's not the best picture, it's burgundy and beige ...I just can't get a good picture..I really need a camera..or a better phone..

I hope that you enjoy your day..I will be back on Monday we have a Eye doctor appointment me and Vee and then another appointment on Tuesday busy first two days..then it will be the beginning of the month all over again...Rent and bills...O I must remember to go to the bank on Monday..need a reminder...Be bless..


  1. Well Hello there LaLa,,I just love your blog.I enjoy reading all your daily activities and such.I have to say that I too believe that we are living in the last days.This world is so cruel at times or should I say the people in it.But the good thing is that there will be a better world comes in the new kingdom.I hope to serve the lord some day too.But I am still living a worldly life.Anyway That doily came out beautiful,,you did a great job.And I have to say that your recipe for chorizo looked so yummy and so did the strawberry recipe,yum yum.Well I'm gonna go to myboomer to leave you some love now and I'll be checking in on you here as soon as I can,,Hugs my friend ♥

  2. O my you surprised me...thank you so much for stopping by it's nice to hear that someone is reading my warms my this didn't really say...tell me next time so i know exactly who you are..thank you again..hugs..