Sunday, June 12, 2011

Late Nite...but not

                 (AREN'T THEY CUTE, I LOVED THEM)
I'm tired out because we were up till 2:30 discussing family...I'm glad it all worked out okay..Family is a Important thing, but. we, most of us has gotten away from it well alot of us have..Things happen from time to time pulling people apart.  we kind of difted apart and since I moved back to the city have been trying to pull it all back together. of course with lives difficults it isn't easy. I love and adore my children and grandchildren...I wouldn't trade them for nothing. everytime I see one of my grandchildren my heart is filled up with love and I remember my children being their ages and all the I love you mommies..though my children still tell me they love me and sit on me and what not..We ended up going for a nice ride this afternoon to Redwood City to a Savers store was nice though I ran through it. I did happen to find two blue and white mini ginger jars very cute another blue white tea cup but no plate..and I think I have some of these..O and I found a nice Victorian Lady... she is quite nice...she was only five dollars....and I found four nice placemats... and one white valance. ...all in all It was a nice Sunday day with the family...we also went to eat at the In and Out burger place..not to expensive and good food...

Thanks for the great day family...

My placemats not such a good picture of them. but they were only 1.99 for two they are like new..the back is navy blue..I think they will fit the dinning room nicely.. or some thing..the little jars were just 99 cents each..and the red placemat 99 cents as well...O and I almost forgot I found Victoria a little Oscar the grouch write rotten thoughts in LOL..I told her shes grouchie at times and thats the little book to write in...when she feels that way... It was a cute little joke...they had some neat things but I have my limited so I couldn't get everything I wanted to. but thats okay I just think that it wasn't meant for me then...that's all...This week is going to be a busy one...appointment and what nots..

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