Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful Morning

The sun is shinning across the beautiful, I'm in a good mood and hope to stay that way today..Got alittle bit down yesterday. . . I'm changing my ways...I used to be happy all the time.and I want to be that way again..At times life brings you down. Got to stay positive though..Things happen in life we can't always control..So we have to find the positive and hold on. Me trusting in the father above makes all the difference. . . I found a recipe that brighten my day yesterday on a blog..umm the name of her blog is Red couch recipes. very nice blog...but she had a recipe for Popcorn in different colors..I used to love love Pink Popcorn, every time we went to the Zoo or some place carnival..I wanted Pink Popcorn.

Doesn't it look divine, well I thought so and I thought it would be a great thing to make this weekend with my daughter and grandchildren..
Jell-O Popcorn Recipe
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 small package Jell-O ( 3 ounce size)
Popcorn -- I used my air pop popcorn maker -- it makes 12-13 cups of popcorn.
Pop popcorn and place in large bowl.  Place syrup, sugar, and Jell-O in small sauce pan.  Stir well then bring to a boil and continue boiling for 1 minute.  Do not over boil as the mixture can turn hard. Pour over popcorn and mix well until the popcorn is covered with they syrup mixture.  Butter your hands and put popcorn in large baking pan and press firmly and tap popcorn down into pan.

Layer the popcorn flavors in a large pan.  My 13x 9 x2 was too small so I put them in a roaster pan.  Make sure you butter the pan. Turn pan out on parchment or waxed paper.
Cut into large blocks.  I used both a serrated knife and an electric knife -- this was the only semi-difficult thing to do as the bars are very thick.
I can't wait to make this with my grandchild and my daughter...I think it will be fun..How about you?
(Thank you Red Couch Recipes for sharing this recipe..)

Water is boiling, be rite back..NEED MY TEA...LOL..ok some nice hot tea with Mom's honey..and a dash of Half & Half...That will have to do...I used to drink coffee but can't any longer because of the Panic attacks...they said no Coffee or dark soda or chocolate...The worst rite..but I got used to it..In the beginning I was so scared to breathe in didn't matter..I do love the smell of fresh coffee brewing though...I don't really miss any of it..If I could just get focused and losing the weight that I have gained I'd be one happy camper..I'm tying though..I'am I could go to the goodwill today or to Saver's so mad they closed up..It's such a bummer..It was my favorite place to go...I'm leaving on Friday to go see my granddaughter and grandchildren to get my daughter into a different environment to get her mind off things..I have to get busy and look for some new avenues for us both specially her..I can't wait to see my new granddaughter..she is growing so fast...

Look they sent this yesterday by phone...she will be a month already on the 2nd of July..can't believe it the time is just flying rite by..mad...I want to give her to many kisses...I really want to know what color eyes she is going to have..??? that's the big question??? will have to wait and see...Well to day I have to see if I can get Victoria in to see the doctor, she is having a pain up under her chest..not a good thing..I'm hoping it's just air or something..Pray for me that there is no damaged for the pills she ingested...They checked her well but ya never know...Problems..I'm not going to let it get me down...I'm not..So with that said my dear friends. I wish you a day full of sunshine..and Love...hugs.

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