Saturday, June 18, 2011

Helo Everybody's

LOL, I have missed you ... seems like forever that I haven't been here. So much has been going on. I went to my son's HeARING ...It was sad to see my son in that situation..but he caused it himself....for not thinking first and not respecting the life we have been given!...well I thought it was his sentencing but not...that happens the next timewhich is in September. . . I'm not sure if I really want to be there.. It will be difficult to listen to. .So I'm undecided ...
I spent the whole day with my son's son Emiliano, we made some corn muffin's and some cup cake's ....together

Here is Emiliano helping me make the muffin's he was a good little sweet..he was grandma let me mix it, let me do grandma don't do it so fast. It was so sweet. we had a good time together.
Sharing some new tea cups...I love the turquoise one I would love to have the whole set
of dishes to this...and of course I love my blue glass...
Here's my cucumber's finally taking off...I have three out of five left. darn snails are busy at night. I even planted another two but they no sooner came up they ate now I'm going to plant a couple in some pots till they get alittle bigger before I put them in the garden.

My greenbeans are taking off too..finally the garden is growning I forgot the picture of my squash and tomatoes. My squash has four tiny baby sweet I just love the garden...I could be there forever...Today I finally put the cushions on my little iron bench..I finally decided to paint it after all these years and when I was painting it I ran out of paint so I went to get the other can and fell over the broom and broke the top of the mad was I so I tried the other sprayer but it wouldn't fit and I had bought the pain across the bay before I moved so hopefully when I go visit I can get one so I can finish
Some pansys and snap dragons...I wanted to take more pictures but I had to get ready to go with my daughter ... it was nice she took me and her little sister my youngest Vee to eat some Phillipino Food..(did  I spell that rite hummmm)
I need to have spell check..don't know how to work it on

This is my newest cup from the chinese store I loved it so much..cause I'm always being busy the top keeps the tea warm which is nice...I also got a flat wide bowl. and the tiny one to put my tea bag in...They have some soup bowls as well you know the chinese ones. . I already got this one pattern with blue but this one is more delicate. So maybe later I will go back and get some bowls..not sure yet.

Here's the large flat bowl and the tea cup I found at Saver's and I had a extra saucer..fits purfect..don't ya think...I so wished they would have let me browse more at Saver' time I will have to go with mom..
My lastest journey : I  finally took the bus to wasn't to bad I was a little nerves..San Francisco's buses are full of people a lot of crazy people and it's not the best area to be in, the dirrection that I went though I'm used to it.. but it's been three years since I been on the bus..But it was a goal since I got sick with panic gain my self being back..we did it two days in a roll. and I'm glad now that I was finally able. . . So the next goal is to try to go to Church this Sunday it's right next to home..just a couple of blocks's so important to me. I haven't been to Church since I move back home..nine months ago..Well and I'm loving my new therapist..she is a positive person and actually's talks she said to take baby steps back to myself and it's a slow process..I don't want to be medicated daily so I'm fighting to be okay..and I have done well so far...this is going into my third year..if I didn't mention it before...well it's been  busy week but a prosperious one...thank the father above..I thank him for each and every day that he has patience for me..I have a weekly bible study and I just love everything that I learn from it. It brings me closer to God and warms my heart...I wish you all a great weekend.  See you on Tuesday...Thank you everyone for being here and those who left comments about my sonIt is so much appreciated...hugs from my heart to you...God bless

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