Thursday, June 2, 2011

Being Bored

Waiting is horrible..but my son texted me and said they went to the hospital and she is definitely staying. The baby will be born today. she is almost 4 centimeters. I have to wait till this afternoon to go shopping..cause my daughter in law is waiting for the mail..LOL....So any how I decided to share some other pictures of my tiny little flat...I had decided to change my table cloth..and I like this dark color..
Blue and more brother found these old table cloths at a job he was doing for a friend. there were three designs and they are in great shape..I think they are from like the 70's era...the other two are lighter in color. I also changed the things on my buffet..I put this tiny tea set and removed the lazy susan.
I added a doily that I had made though you can't see but the edges of it. The tea set went with everything because it has two different blues and a green tea cup..I love to change my things when I can..
two of my favorite Victoria Magazines because they are about blue and white..which by now you know that I love alot.
Here is a new black iron piece that I had found, I had these little blue cups they fit just fine till I locate my candle cups..I love black iron. I had a pretty wire basket that I gave to my daughter in law. and she gave me a beautiful blue and white huge bowl on a pedestal it's in the picture on the table..I couldn't believe it because I had admired it when we were packing to move them. Then on Sunday family dinner rite after she brought it to me... So sweet...Thank you...

blue and blue and blue...


  1. Hi Janice, You have a lovely blog that showcases your interests. I like the blue items and am wondering how the grandbaby is doing? Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Hi Janice, Congratulations to you on the new grandchild. You really have a knack at aranging such pretty things. The blue and white is so beautiful. Have a great week. Sincerely, Catherine