Wednesday, June 22, 2011


yEAh, it started out with not being able to post my blog. And foggy out with the sun shinning silly was that, I never in all my days seen that our weather is completely gone mad..but I myself just strike it for what the bible says..The times are falling into place....Now the sun is shinning so big, but it's not as hot as yesterday thank goodness... It was pretty warm yesterday. Well I will be leaving for sure this afternoon for home. need to go put my garbage bins back inside they picked up garbage yesterday. and I definitely need to water this evening for sure.
It just seems like a lovely summer day, I feel good today I had a amazing dream but I can't tell you it was a little too personal. but it was great. The down side is who it was about isn't talking to me. But frankly I don't care to worry about it anymore..I feel extremely happy today and thats where I'm going to stay..on high.
I spent time today trying to reach all my friends at them good day wishes..I haven't been able to get on there for along while..I love blogging and visiting other bloggers pages. I don't know a lot about blogging but I'm slowly learning. MOst of you have some wonderful pages out there. My only complaint is I don't get many comments..But I'm not to concern. I look at my blogger a place to express myself and share me..If people don't say anything ok...and if they do that's simply great..either way I'm enjoying it and I believe that's what counts rite! I posted this fairy because I love fairy's so much..I think they are you believe???? that's the question..hummmm.
I think I'm ready to start my sanding project, the weather is nice enough to be out in the back yard..So today when I go home I will take some photos of the dresser and go from there. O yesterday I picked up some black spray paint to finish my chair it cost a little bit more..but the man told me it was a better paint because if the iron had any rust it would stop it from rusting further..which sounded great. Plus I had a problem with the other on the sprayer was dum..who ever invented it don't get the reason they allowed it's really crappy I wasted half the paint.. So I'm excited about that..finishing my chair...and maybe now since we have no more rain I can put my vintage table cloth over the round table..Good things in the air!

Here's a photo of me from the other day was so hot but I felt cool and breezy with my new blouse...
Today is kind of a quite day, but me my brain is working on make me happy...Good feelings arise better things and good qualities..I thank God for the life he has given me..I hope one day to be in the new system of things..I want all that he has to offer...I have just a few things to conquer..So father help me to accomplish that plz...Amen in the name of your son.,JESUS CHRIST..WISHING ALL MY VISITOR'S A AMAZING DAY TODAY...I WILL BE BACK ON FRIDAY OR SATURDAY UNTIL THAN GOD BLESS!


  1. Hi janice friend hope you are doing good. i have a question cause i dont understand ..i start my blogger and send 50 requests no one answer its strange later i thought wel these people are designers im not im just a simpel housewife i just put my daily thoughts on blogger its fine to me no problem but i send also 30 requests more to christians and they also not 1 or 2 answer do you think it has to do with google account? on tagged or others sites i send a lot and most of the time at least 6 people reply..i check my set ups and everything seems alright what do you think friend? what can i do? hope if you have time you answer me cause i love blogging i now not everyone is interested but from 50 people someone has to reply cant understand do you?

  2. Helo my friend I don't know much about this I didn't even know that you could send request... I just let people know I'm here if they want to join me..I don't worry for that..I just when I'm able and write what I want..sorry I can't help you..just be patient and see what comes

  3. Soraya, your page won't let me leave a comment...