Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday Ya'll

Good Morning.....the sun is peeping out with big white clouds in the back ground...silly weather..I just woke up and I haven't even put the tea on yet...The cats are meowing...but they have food and water..I think they just want some attention...I went in the bathroom and one was sitting on the toilet and the other was sitting in the bath tub..I'm thinking they were watching a spider or something..they are the two most silliest cats I know. They don't go outside because Mom decided she didn't want to deal with that..cats in the past getting into fights getting lost positioned etc...sometimes I feel sad for them but I know they would get into trouble..I just know it..specially my kitty she is too nosy...she'd probably be up a tree chasing a bird..

This is the Kitty's and my Sweetpea going to sleep last nite on Mom's bed...Mom was like come look you have to see them. Sweetpea loves them, LOL but I'm not sure if they love Sweetpea just the same..hehehe. But they do play with her specially Isabella, the stripped Kitty that's Mom's mine is the black and white her name is Sprinkles..she will play with her once in a while Isabella will play everyday..Sweet pea eats their food as well and ends up with stinky breathe...and Isabella when I wet Sweetpea's food she will eat that too..they are totally nuts..but adorable and fun to should see what Sweetpea does to Isabella..I'm not why she tolerates it but she does and every once in a while she will smack Sweetpea..Funny stuff..
Well I'm not going to do much today I have to run back to my house because Mom's alarm button broke on the key ring and we couldn't get it to go off so yesterday I had to undo the alarm sound and I left it there and my daughter in law took me too therapy with "Victoria". So I have to go move it and bring it back to Mom's so they can fix it..that was crazy we jumped in the car and the alarm kept going off every time I put the key  in..other than that I think it's just going to be a lazy day today. Maybe I will do some more crocheting I have another star Dollie to finish which I only have a couple of rows left then the's like a Fushia color in the middle with white..I think it's a pretty color..
So I think that's my project for the complete it..I have this other dollie I started years ago, it says my name on it..and I recently found it and the day I thought of making one for my daughter because when she saw it she was like Mom I want one of I think I'm going to make her one in Red saying Stephanie's Kitchen and she can hang it up there...I will show you soon. I have to write it out on paper first to know how to make it..O wow the sun got covered up by the clouds and my tea water is boiling be right back....I'm surely ready for my hot tea now...I boil my water and I also do more for Sweetpea's food..In the morning I wet her dry food and she loves it..then at nite she eats it dry...and in between like last nite she had chicken and plain potato..Maybe it's going to rain some more hummm hope not I need to get Mom's car and it has no Defroster on it...Long brother's a mechanic..hahaha...but he hasn't fixed it..?Well everyone enjoy this wonderful glorious day..keep trusting in the Father above...see ya later..


  1. Hi janice.. how are you friend i guess we all have issue dear post something but it doesnt shows on the front page..maybe you have it private no problem just telling you maybe you havent notice and have to go to your can choose how many blogs people can see hope you now about the setups..god bless you friend you are on my mind leaving to work.. loves soraya

  2. Thanks for visiting and liking my recipes, no, I'm sorry I do not speak English but I use the google translator, I think that you could do the same thing.

    PS: I write Italian and not Spanish ;)