Monday, July 14, 2014

White glasses with fruit and a apron..

A while back ago, I popped into the Tea shop and to my surprise look what I had found. When Mama was still alive there was a set on Esty shop.. but they were Goblets and I didn't have the money at the time..
I was so so excited when I saw these but they didn't have a large price..

They are so beautiful...

And nicely enough there were six.. perfect.. I headed straight for them and put them on the counter..

Her is the sweet Apron I found I loved it because it's so delicate it has this gingham then and shear like white part.. 

Sweet little pocket and little bit worn but I don't mind at all...

I adore the fabric

This is a earring... they only had the one but I purchased it anyways.
because it was old and had the windmill on it.
and I love the blue and white things with the 

And too my surprise right now tearing papers up.. I found guess what..
Mom's Molded Salad
Cottage Cheese and Pineapple

One package of Lime Jell-o
One package of Lemon Jell-o
  One 20 ounce can of crushed Pineapple
Add 2 cups boiling water and dissolve Let cool. 

One cup Evaporated milk
  3/4 cups Mayonnaise
  One cup Cottage Cheese
Mix well these three ingredients
add to Jell-o Then pour into Jell-o mold and let settle for one hour 
or more in refrigerator...
I love this molded salad..
So glad I found her recipe
Miss you Mama.
I hope that you try it out she made it all the time for doings 
right up till she passed on..
Wishing you all a most lovely new week 
with love Janice


  1. Thanks for sharing your mom's recipe. I read your post yesterday and recognized many of the Tupperware things you showed. My mom was a big Tupperware person too. She makes a similar salad, but I printed out yours to try. First I need to find myself a Jell-O mold! I recently bought a Tupperware pie keeper off ebay for a reasonable price. They wanted like $35 for a new one...outrageous!

  2. Thanks Pammy sue you will be happy with the recipe it's a good one... I also looked on ebay and I couldn't believe the prices either .. but if you look good enough you can find some decent ones.. Thank you so much for stopping in again ..

  3. Ciao Janice,voglio ringraziarti per essere passata dal mio blog e avermi così dato modo di conoscere il tuo..bellissimo e pieno di cose meravigliose!!
    Un abbraccio grande..piove ancora a San Francisco?..oggi qua c'è un sole splendido!!:-)

  4. Hi Janice,
    I love blue and white too! Your apron and pin are so very pretty and I must try your mom's salad. I used to have that tupperware container.
    They are wonderful! Thank you for visiting me! Don't work much longer cleaning ~ it's too hot. Happy Summer! Karen

  5. Your mum's recipe is delicious. I love your white finds and the apron is very pretty