Monday, July 21, 2014

Just a little Wedgewood............

      The other day I was online at some place maybe it was Pinterest which lately I have been spending much time with.. I found these I believe Wedgewood glasses... O no now I remember it was Ebay.. Well I remembered about um maybe six years ago I had purchased six of these guys because I though they were so wonderful looking.  But later only to remember they were stored up in Mama's attic, because I was living here at the time...So now I have it in my mind I need to search for them.. I loved them when I saw them... I remember my boyfriend at the time when I walked into this little antique shop told me you don't need those and I was like yes I do.. they were like 20 bucks for the six.. I didn't care I just wanted them..
      What I don't remember is why I never used them.. Maybe I didn't want them to get broke here at Mama's.. You see I didn't have my own place at the time. Most of my things were in Storage and I was living here for a short period...
Lol though, the search is on.. 

     I love this Bed room if it kills me I want a wall papered room.... all my life I have wanted it ...course
my room won't be on such a large scale as this room.. but just the same I want wall paper..
For my little cottage bedroom.. to make everything my cozy...

Well Ladies and Gents, It's good ole Monday Morning... am I ready for the new week, no not really.. I didn't do anything all weekend. In fact I had some what of a difficult weekend.. My daughter says maybe I should go home.  Maybe I been to much here at Mama's house and it made me feel sad and not so good... And I think maybe she is right so I think I might go home for a couple of days I don't know yet.. Though I can't ge anything done being at home and there is so much to do here...

Wouldn't mind going home to this.... It's gorgeous, ( I can't spell no more it used to be one of my better things I could do.  lol, I have to go and look things up these days to make sure. )  But I love this house.. It looks so grand.. love the doors It would be like going home on the movie Meet me in St Luis.. Which happens to be one of my fav movie's I have watched it over and over and never get tired of it...
     I do kno this, I have errands to do today.. like pay my Lane Bryant bill.. and some other's so putting on the pot of water getting ready for some tea in my new one cup. Make a little breakfast then shower get ready then off and running.. maybe I will go home after and see my sweet grandbabies come back tomorrow...

         So here's to you,  Have a most wonderful Monday
                     with love


  1. Hi Janice, I have trouble at times remembering how to spell some words, so don't feel bad. I love all the vintage. Good post.

  2. Hi Janice...It's Tuesday night when I'm reading this. I sure hope you find the pretty glasses.

    Love the blue bedroom, too, and the wallpapered wall.

    I believe it will all happen for you! Susan