Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ms Lady Head and a new life and me...

So I have posted my Lady Head long time ago and I thought she deserved a new posting being that I sat all day at Mama's house doing absoultly nothing
Did you say why well I was really popped out from the last several days.
I find that in this days I don't have that long lasting power to do anymore. It has gotten 
less and less

I have had ms Lady Head for many years I found her some 30 years ago On Dad's truck. I had one more with roses all around her had but my grandbabies chipped some roses and I was happy with her anymore.
but my older daughter still posses her.
These adorable things I never really knew what they were I just loved them when I open this little box and there they were.
I believe they are name place holders hum did that say right??? not sure but name tag holders maybe lol.. 

The hankerchiefs beneath them are ones I found one afternoon at the tea shop.. I wanted somethings with Green because I had none.. 

I also purchased these with the lace edgings on them I thought they were so sweet and delicate

The lace work is so fine

The last thing is the Round Rose potholder that I also purchased from the tea shop it was a good day there for me...

I'm sure you have notice that I have made a new name for my blog for a new beginning of life... 
The past is gone now
and I have to start over and go a new road.. one that I longed for most of my life
A correction in the house of my Mama
I pray to the Heavenly Father that he sees me through my new journey of life
and he helps guide me every step of the way
I truly want to make this house a Christain home the way it was
suppose to be long  time ago...
I hope you continue to join me as I walk forward
with love 
On my way to God's Convention For Jehovah Witnesses... Had a most wonderful time hearing Jehovah's Word and meeting new and wondeful loving people.......... Blessings my friends


  1. It is so good to hear from you Janice. All your treasures are so sweet. I tried to find your email but could not. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.

  2. Beautiful flowers, dear Janice. And that potholder is just lovely.

    Have a happy and bright weekend, my friend!

  3. I love that woman's face and your flowers,
    I think they are just placeholders.
    All things seem to arrive from England ....
    Best wishes for a bright future

  4. Your head vase is a beauty. I have always been fond of those. I pray you will be very happy in your new life and home, that you will find peace, truth, and tranquility. Many blessings sweet friend. You are lovely inside and out!

  5. I love the Lady and all the romantic items. I wish you the best for the new start.Thank you very much for the sweet comment