Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday morning and Tupperware memories............

Old Tupperware
I just love old Tupperware, I found this photo on Pinterest.. 
I have 
all the little bowls with lids and the larger cereal bowls with lids.
I had the other bowls but only posess the Pink  actually I have to pink ones on the middle shelf. 
I have the Turquoise sugar bowl on the bottom
On top shelf
I have all the little tiny ones with the lids  the salt and pepper to match the other is yellow and I have the two small white ones and I have two big ones in white..
I had all the other things but due to sitting in storage some of them got ruinned.

 Funnier do you see on the very top, Yesterday when looking in Mama things I found that Jello mold in a plastic bag.. and thought o cool my mama always made this green cottage cheese and pineapple 

Jello and we had talked about it not to long before she passed away..


I notice the recipes on line ask for cool whip and nuts.. Mama used Mayonaise and no nuts. I loved it could have eaten the whole thing myself.. not in one day of course but you know.. lol....

I have these ones as well all mine are in perfect shape.. I truly love them they remind me much of my childhood 
because Mama was a big Tupperware Lady
she had a lot of it
But over the years cause certain people had no respect they got messed up, Poor Mama tried so hard to keep her things nice..

I have several of these little guys as well 
 And Mama always always used this on Saturday mornings for Pancakes Memeories
nice ones

Still have these two sets... 

I have this Egg keeper.. these are newer than the Pastels.. It was in the late 70's I had these I was 20 Years old, boy how time flys...
O my this was my first Tupperware, I had Oranges and browns and Yellows.. 
And Mushroom things.. 
I actually loved it all
 But later became attached to Blue so everything of my Tupperware had became Blue ...
I'm just a big huge old Blue and White ladies attached to ducks.. 
Wishing you all a most Enchanting 
with love Janice


  1. Oh yes,,,and I still use my Tupperware! I had most of these also. I host many a party in the '70s. The ones I have are from that era.

  2. Hi Janis. Wow. You have a lot of cool Tupperware. Nice that one piece jogged your memories of your Mama. Susan

  3. p.s. Whoops. I meant to say Janice. Sorry about that. Your blog is such a happy and pretty place. Just wanted to tell you that. Susan

  4. Goodness your post brought back memories for me too! And that jello mold that your mama made sounds like heaven! I do remember eating one as my aunt used to make it. Such pretty pieces of the past! Wishing you a lovely week ahead!!

  5. Great collection! These pieces are very pretty and rich of important memories of your mama