Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finding things along the way....

Royal Winton, I thought this was the most adorable little thing..

A tiny little Tea pot.. I fell in love with it.. I found it in a box in Mama's room I had been going through a few, I had brought the boxes from Mama's storage... and then I found these napkins that were in one of my boxes. I remember them well...I had found them years ago on Dad's truck and had packed them away when I left the big house and my husband..

The Pretty Pink roses, I loved them...

and some plain Pink ones...

And some sweet Embroderied ones... I remembered them all when I found them..that was a good memory..

I also have the table cloth to these embroidered ones at home.. they have been in storage forever..

 ~ * ~

I tried to find this little tea pot on line last night but failed to find the exsact one... I did find a little Pitcher that was the same, which they wanted a great amount of monies for... it stated the it was rare and I'm wondering if this tea pot is also rare.. I have never seen one like this in all my days...

Unfolded Treasures from the Past..

I'd say yesterday was a good day of cleaning... but still there is so much to do yet.............One day at a time
I keep telling myself so I can get through, it might take months before I see day light... Then I have to have it remodeled quite a bit.. and some major things done in the downstairs.. Well my dear friends I'm off and running home to check on things there, water my Garden and then I will be back tomorrow. I have ordered a folding bed for now cause there is no where to sleep except my son's room and that means he has to keep sleeping on the floor and I don't want to keep doing that to him.. Last night I actually slept on the floor and funny thing I had a great night's sleep compared to sleeping in his bed.. His bed made my body hurt.. Have a great day...
With love 


  1. Oh Janice, the napkins are sooooo pretty. I love anything pink and add roses? Perfect.

    So are you in your Mama's house now?

    Hope your evening is delightful and Wednesday, the same! Susan

  2. Hello sweet Janice! Once again, it has been way too long since I have been by for a visit - how have you been? I hope you are having a beautiful summer :)

    Your finds are just lovely and those linens are divine.

    Enjoy the remainder of your week, dear friend. Hugs to you!

  3. Loved the napkins you discovered especially the embroidered ones! They remind me so much of my grandmother! But what is most important is the memory they hold for you and the story behind them. That teapot is so pretty! Wishing you a wonderful week lady! Perfect song by the way! Nicole xo

  4. Le tue cose sono sempre dolci e romantiche!Fare le pulizie รจ faticoso e se si ama la casa siamo sempre in movimento!Ti auguro buon lavoro!Baci,Rosetta