Friday, July 18, 2014

What I'm dealing with.. raggity cottage house

Here's Mama's House
And believe me this looks much better than it has..
I have cleaned up quite a bit in front..
( It's does I suppose have good potential )

the dear neighbor gave me these flowers she said maybe it would make me feel better.. 
and It did a little
These old cement Pots once were very lovely
but since over the years have fallen apart, but she said it gave them their character
an maybe she is right but most of the rest have to go

She as well gave me the flower to go one the top stair.. boy you can see the ware and tare and grease all over the door from my brother
not to fret though I tell myself we can make this better,
I'm hoping
this house was bought by Mama's family who came from Russia My Great grandparents
they bought it in I believe 1925
almost One Hundred years ago. but Mama let it go to pot..

This is the long hallway, right here is Mama's bedroom door. I tend to think I need 
a miracle to happen...
She did have these walls redid a few years ago so they basically just need to be wiped down an re painted and a new floor.. the Living Room the same which is at the end of this hallway
by the front door.. and to the left is a little room that needs to be totally stripped down of its walls and the ceiling scraped the floor is good though it's a nice wood floor.
So there are some good things but a lot is not.

This is the Kitchen as you pass Mama's door 25 years ago they ripped up the Kitchen and left it un finished 
This is my next pile of Junk I have to go through.. 
This large cabinet I had my dad bring it in from a job, they had nothing in here 
But I ended up filling it up with my dishes because I hated using Mama's, my brother's nasty hands 
were always all over her's YUK..
but im going to move this to the other side of the Kitchen where the stove is now...

This is right next to that cabinet you can still see Mama's bedroom door.
and the black grease on the wall in the hallway. The door to the left,
That's the room were my brother was "The Crack Room"  I call it
All this sheetrock has to be replaced
25 years of cigerette smoke crack etc.. and as for that Bedroom it will have to be 
totally stripped head to toe side to side..
it's nasty full of smoke from cigerettes and crack cocaine.. 
very sad siduation
But finally it's over!!!!

This is going toward the back area and believe it or not where the bike frame is I just cleaned a huge pile
of boxes and junk. That's what I set outside people took from one pile for give aways and the Garbage man took the recyle..  And glad about it the Garbage man took all the recycling that I put Phew the neighbor didn't think they would but i neatly put it into paper bags 
There is still tons and tons to do but even though it doesn't look like I have done much the kitchen is much 
clearer than it was.. I suppose it's just going to take time and I have to be patient
and keep Praying for God to keep me mently and physically strong
She sure left me a huge mess
and this isn't the half of it
as I go along I will tell you what's going on

I have to I guess look out and beyond.. and keep that inter dream Of this becoming a Christain Home one day and slowly but surely bring it
to reality if possible
But anything is possible with Jehovah God's help
today I will be working on that other pile 
trying to prepare for a garage sale soon. Washing things and labeling them
I wish you a most enchanting lovely day
full of love n blessing
with love


  1. Janice, you are going to make that house shine with love!

    It is going to be adorable! Paint, paint, lots of paint----hopefully lots of white and pastels.

    With your immense talent, you will put up lace your gorgeous crocheted pieces....bring in darling pieces of perfectly suited old-fashioned furniture!

    I can see that front porch now---all painted and filled with gorgeous flowering plants and roses!

    Yes, yes, yes! This is going to be the most adorable little doll house with your gentle touch.

    Good luck. I can't WAIT to see the transformation, little by little.

    God will see you through! Susan

  2. Thank you dear Susan you brought tears to my eyes.. It's my grand dream to make it beautiful the way Mama should have.......... Love...

  3. La casa esternamente color cielo mi piace tanto!Sicuro hai molto lavoro da fare!Pian piano ne verrai fuori e la casa sboccerà come una bella rosa profumata e la tua mamma ti sorriderà da lassù!Un abbraccio,Rosetta

  4. With your great love, i ' m sure, this lovely house will become gorgeous. I like it very much, i adore the american houses, and you will be able to transform it in a wonderful place.

  5. Che piacere conoscerti !Ieri sera ti ho conosciuta tramite Rosetta del blog ' ...
    Sono una sorella anch'io da 16 anni. Mi dispiace per tua madre! Bellissima la tua casa. Baciiii cara... sei su facebook?

  6. Yes Donatella Cipolla I'am on Facebook Louise Lala Corona.. thank you so sweet your are..

  7. I agree with Susan, you will make the house shine with love and beauty :) It really is a darling home with so much potential.

    Have fun during the process, dear Janice. Hugs to you!

  8. I love your Victorian cottage, it will come God's timing my friend. Beauty from ashes! Are you living there yourself now? If so, I pray you are able to make a lot of new , wonderful memories for you and your family. Blessings friend