Friday, July 11, 2014

     I was thinking early this morning it was time to dig out the Pansy Tea pot.  I was on Pinterest and was seeing some Violet photos... which I loved and it made me think about my Pansy Tea pot..

     I was also thinking how much I love color... I love White but I'm surely not a plain White person.. I need beautiful color......

     This was one of my first Tea pot as well... I could just collected and collect.. but I have a lot of tea pots now and not much room.. If and when I get to Mama house I want to plan for my Tea pot.. I don't want to rid of any of them.. It took a lot to find them and have them..

     The Pansy's on the front of the pot are just so lovely...

     This is one of my favorite table settings..I love this green glass as well... It's I guess from around the sixties... But I love it with the Purple and I love it with Pink.. well I hope you enjoy the weekend
                         With Love
                               Janice ...


  1. over the years i guess you have thousands of vintage collection...i just love the way you decorate...lovely..thanks for sharing janice

  2. I love your table setting...such romantic! Thank you for the sweet comment

  3. Love the pansy teapot and your table setting is just gorgeous!

  4. Very pretty, Janice. The pansies are my favorite.

  5. Hi Janice...I love the pansy teapot! It is just wonderful. I love pansies and violets and purple.
    Hope this finds you doing well.