Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Wonderful Day....

A most wonderful day, with my Grandchildren and my Oldest daughter, Stephanie... She called in the morning and said Mama lets go.. get in the shower and get ready...So I did and they came My daughter and four grandchildren and off we went to the Thrift Town...  A wonderful large Second Hand Store full of people busy busy busy it was.. and inspit all the people I still managed to find some wonderful items

This wonderful throw rug so adorable.. with Pink & Yellow Roses like my Living Rm. Curtains.. For I couldn't believe the price 5.99. . I was shocked it has on dot on it but I think it will come off and even if it doesn't who will care not me.. I love love it...

It's a good piece.. It will go nicely in Mama's Living Rm...

This fairly good size basket is so sweet I thought It would be nice for the deck.. but I'm sure I'm going to paint it White because the things for the deck are White & Turquoisessh  lol is that a word.. with some hints of orange.. but it's feet are swirled so cute and a large round handle.. That was 4.99... in perfect condition..

I really love this, it reminds me so much of my childhood.. A hammered tray, It's so nice I have a round one at home.. My Great Aunt had several pieces and it so reminds me of her Vera, was her name..

I tried to get a photo of the design but had a hard time because of the glare.. but it has leaping deer and flowers

I think it's a wonderful piece .. I wish I could fine me a Silver Tea pot that I like.. maybe one day soon..

I just love it, the handles are hammered as well, this was a bit more 7.00 I think but worth my monies to me.. and in the middle of a bunch of cups, glasses figurines.. I found this little pink shot glass.. for an amazing 99. cents.. I have a collection of Pink depression glass.. I have two Green shots glass but no Pink so im happy about this..

It's truly amazing how you just never know what you going to find and where..

O my and I can not forget my Tea Party hat that I found.. it's a little more darker, Phone refused to cooperate with me.. but I'm in love with it.. The kids were all trying it on.. lol even my son's girlfriend who also decided to go with us... I can also wear it to Church..

And to my surprise I found some ole school thread.. which is getting harder and harder to find these days.. they had quite a bit but I though since I know I'm sure I have spend way over 50 dollars I only got 3.. for 99 cents each.. And I wanted to got off to Beverly's for Yarn and other thread..

I also found two nice brand new writing papers.. they were only 99 cents each too.. I love writing paper..
one has blue edging well you know already I'm a Blue lover and the other is Victorian and here we go I love anything Victorian look..

Breakfast this morning, I make old fashioned oatmeal, but I buy frozen Mango's or Pineapple or whatever other frozen fruit is on sale put some water in a large saucepan, bring it up to a boil let it go for a couple mins. and the Oatmeal and some brown sugar.. and let it cook down.. stirring a few time.. I love it.. and just a dash of milk after.. Yummy..

We also went to visit Mama's grave, but to my surprise all the things had disappeared.. I found them away from his place on someones elses well next to theirs.. Idk what happened.. I hope soon with the next monies I can purchase her a stone head.. We brought Roses for her Mama loved Roses like me.. so that's pretty much all I bring her. I so miss her.. My oldest daughter said it felt like we was just dropping off some flowers for no reason.. She can't believe Mama is gone.. Well me either a lot of the time.. but when I walk into her bedroom full of junk and she is not there I know she is gone.. And in my mind I continually watch her take her last breath. and before that her telling me when she was still able come give me moral support and I asked what Mama do you want me to hold you she said yes and a few days later she had gone.. Thought at moments I feel I living in a dream.. Well Love and miss you Mama more than you will ever know I have no clue when the pain will go away....................................

p.s.  We went to Beverly's.. I will  tell you later about it..
I did buy some yarn so check my Crocheting Blog to see.. ... ... ..
Happy Saturday with love.. I had a wonderful day yesterday.. Thank you Daughter and grandchildren..

With Love


  1. Janice,i tuoi acquisti mi piacciono molto!Anche io quando vedo una cosa che mi piace non so resistere anche se a casa ho già tanta roba!Mi dispiace per il dolore di tua mamy.Oggi sono 13 anni che il mio papà non c'è piu' e io ci penso!E' la vita,loro ci aspettano!BaciRosetta

  2. Grazie Rosetta.. yes I love to purchase nice things.. It's hard to be alone sometimes without our parents...

  3. Oh Janice, what a perfect day. Your purchases were darling.

    I know how much you miss your Mama. My Mom died in 2006 and I still miss her all the time.

    Life without them is changed, that's all. We will one day see them again and give them big hugs!

    In the meantime, the best we can do is live the best lives possible, which is what you are doing. And to have fun, too, cuz she would like to see that! Susan

  4. Your daughter is such a sweetheart, just like you :) Sounds like you had a lovely time with her and your grandchildren and you found some beautiful items. I just love that hat! Do we get to see you wearing it? :)

    Thinking of you, sweet friend. Hugs!

  5. Dear Janice, i'm happy you enjoyed with your family. Your shopping is very romantic ...i love everything!

  6. What a wonderful day with your daughter and grandchildren, Janice. It's fun browsing through the thrift stores. I love that tea party hat. I can see that you are missing your mom so, and I am thinking of you and sending love.