Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lovely Old Photos

Your probably thinking, she said old photos. Where are they.. there here but as I was going through them I wondered what had happen with Mom & Dad, our family... Seems they started out on a great note as most do, Marriages..  I wonder were it went wrong..

Mama was a beautiful little girl...Lovely Blonde hair and big Blue eyes... she said she loved to dance and she would dance up and down the hallway here.. My Mama was raised in this house.. So this house is very sentimental and emotionally attaching more for her than I.. It all started out good and fell apart when her and my father became distance.. My dad became an Alcoholic when I was around ten.. ( boy finding these old photos have stirred up things inside me..

Mama, at school Daniel Webster where I also went my brother's went and my children.. but it was a brick building back when even when I went.. they changed it because of Earthquake laws.. the only brick part left was the Cafeteria .. and I was just telling my daughter the other day when they came to visit... Our meals were prepared there on site.. Mrs. Rice the cafeteria lady I remember her well .. and if we didn't eat at school we could walk home for lunch or go over to Evie's for a hot lunch that we had to order in the morning.. she would make up different hot lunches.  It was a creamery with a huge candy counter with every kind of candy your mind can imagine.. there would be around 20 kids surrounded by it in the morning..  Her and her husband which I can't seem to remember his name but only his face he would wait on us kids for candy and she the lunch I will never forget that place..

Mama again, so cute .. see the Iron fencing in the back.. that is still there.. Mama's house had it too.. but they later removed it I have no clue why and she didn't either...

Mama and a Friend in the middle.. and her Mama on the right, my grandmother Mary when she was young
and my grandmother Mary on the bottom left holding Mama I believe.. Old photos are wonderful.. I remember as well over the years looking at these many times and Mama explaining who was who...

Look at that skirt, all the way down to the floor almost.. Seems my grandma always had short hair..

Mama having a Birthday Party, the front of her house here. 

Mama with her first baby boy, My brother Gary B. Jr... 

Warming up a baby bottle for him.. 
I think Mama was so pretty
 her hair darken to a brown...

A Mother's Day card to Mama from Dad...

My Dad and my two brother's 

My favorite Aunt, Ann she is My Dad's sister.. I was told this was when she was graduating...
She took such good care of me growing up
her and my Uncle Jumbo
They were like my Mom & Dad for me.. I spend all my vacations with them in the country up North 
in a little place called Mc Cloud Ca.. 
the best memories of my life.. 
( Thank God for them because Mama and Dad fell apart but stayed together and made our life messy )
She is still alive and him too. my recent dream was to go and see them before anything happen to them but I'm not sure that I can, It's almost 400 miles away and my panic etc.. money 
but I'm still hoping.. I would love to bring all my children there and they can she where my other grandma Helen lived and my Dad spend a lot of his life at in another town over the hill 
Weed Ca.

Dad in the Navy...

 And Mama again, after the two boys, my brother's .. I didn't come till four years later.. 

A lot of memories, Good and some not so good.. 
But I'm happy I found them because they always stayed under her bed, but when she passed I couldn't find them.. and yesterday I found them in the pile in the Living Rm.. 

Hope you have a wonderful day
with love 


  1. What a beautiful collection of photos! And your mom was such a stunning child! They do all tell such a story and I am glad that found them to look through. I hope that you will be able to see your aunt and uncle. Life does get messy but focusing on the simple beauties and the good times makes it so much better. Take care friend! Nicole xo

  2. Your mom reminds me of Shirley Temple. She was a beautiful lady. So glad you found the photos.

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  4. Oh Janice, what an emotional journey for you. I'm glad you could share this with us. Great photos! Sure glad they didn't get lost. Hugs,

  5. Hi Janice,
    I do not have your email address. Do you mind emailing me about the strawberry?

  6. Oh I so love these lovely photos Janice. I am so happy to learn that you have found them once again. Your mom was a stunning woman. Focus on the good memories.



  7. Great and sweet, sweet photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. They are beautiful pictures my friend. I'm sorry life got messed up somewhere along the way, as it does for so many of us. My own as well, if not for the help and guidance of my heavenly father......I can't even begin to imagine what the outcome would have been. Frame some of those beautiful pictures and set them out to see everyday, let those happier times in your beautiful old home live on my friend. Blessings