Monday, September 30, 2013

Truly I enjoy when I read your sweet comments.. Things have been busy with Mom in the hospital. She has been there for quit a while now.  and maybe she will be coming home tomorrow.. I have basically been home attending church and having my bible study.. which is wonderful for me. Today I thought that I would just share one of my mix match cup and saucers..

It's from Austria...

The saucer is very interesting... It has scalloped edging... so sweet.. it looks as if they were leaves going around.. with whispery roses ..

The cup didn't belong to it.. but it seem to match perfect with the same whispery roses...

A lovely late nite tea.... then off to bed.. I hope you are all doing well sorry I haven't been able to visit much I'm sure soon as Mom comes home I will have more time to be here and visit.. Wishing you all a lovely evening and a wonderful new week.. Be back soon
                                               With Love Janice.....


  1. Bella la tua tazza!Auguro a te una serena settimana e buon ottobre!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Beautiful beautiful cup and saucer! Glad to hear your mom may be home soon. I know this is a hard time for you and you and your family are in my prayers.
    Blessings and hugs from Arizona,

  3. Janice...your tea cup is just gorgeous and such romantic...i love it and i love your soothing music. Hugs to your mother.

  4. Hi Janice I am so glad your bible study brings you such joy..I too enjoy that..your cup and saucer are lovely..the scallop on the saucer is unusual ..Its good to see you been missin you..☺ sandy C