Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I used to draw a lot but have gotten away from it.. I haven't had a desire to start again.. I'm not sure why.. I think it had something to do with a bad break-up.....

these are about the only two drawings I have left, the others were given away etc... these are about five years old. . . This Lion was on a potal card.. O I think maybe that I have one more a Victorian Girl up in the Attic...I drew from one of my dolls.. I just wanted to share something different with you today.. wish I had the other one as well..

when I was young o around 13 My father wanted to put me in the San Francisco Art School. I remember he took me there but because I was shy I didn't want to stay.. I told him no.. Boy was I a big dummy.. I so now wish and have for years that I went.. then I could probably drawn really well.. this is with no lesson at all.

My children can all draw as well, but the only one who pushed more with it is Vee thought she hasn't drawn either since Isaiah was born.. I'm kind of an emotional drawer .. If I'm not in a good moon it don't happen.

I have always wanted to paint and do water colors.. Getting married young and having children put a damper on it all and now I have panic disorder it makes it hard. I often think I wish I could at least go to a art class but haven't gotten the nerve yet.. Maybe one day ..

Isn't she just beautiful.. now if I could draw a portrait like this I'd be rather happy...

Wishing you all a wonderful day today.. full of love n laughter..
with love Janice


  1. Janice, you do beautiful drawings, it is a gift..use the gift to help you, you never know where this will take you, or who will cross your path. You've no children to take care of just you n sweet pea...Go for it! Begin a new are a spiritual and creative soul.

  2. I enjoyed looking through your beautiful blog and now I am your newest follower. Love the pic of you and your little Sweetpea.
    Have a gorgeous day!
    Greetings, Heidi

  3. You are very talented and your drawings are very beautiful