Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Busy Blue & White Kitchen...

I have been home for several days now just enjoying my house so much. While I was there I made a few changes... I had been at my storage as well... and  to my surprise I found a white small tea pot.. 
I kept thinking in the back of my mind that I had one, but didn't have a clue where.. I wanted to buy one but I couldn't seem to find any one that I wanted.. 
this is a plain one and small which is fine .. It fit right in to my kitchen

I put a pretty Blue & White chinese plate underneath and grabbed my Blue & White willow Sugar  & Creamer and my chinese Blue & White tea cup and saucer.. I was ready for tea.. after fooling around in the storage for several hours.. Plus I had brought some of it home to go through it...

I don't have a lid to my sugar bowl, I'm hoping one day I will find one.. I have another blue and white top different pattern and it actually fits.. it belongs to something else though but I thought I could if needed. 

It's a neat little tea pot.. it has a ceramic strainer inside for your tea but I just put a tea bag in of decafe.. I haven't really found a decafe tea in bulk that I like .. 

My leaf from last year I had it pressing all this time..
It came out perfect. It's been inside my favorite Garden book.. 

I love all the pretty photos and pockets to put seeds and press leaves 

Places to write notes..

Have a great day ... with love Janice..


  1. I love your blue and white porcelain!

  2. I am a fan of blue and white dishes...your kitchen is lovely. Glad you got to enjoy your home for a few days....blessings

  3. Ooo...I love all of the blue, sweet Janice :) Thinking of you. Hugs!

  4. I am in love with your blue and white kitchen. For some reason, I thought you had pinks in your kitchen. It is filled with warmth and coziness, and the tea cup and saucer is gorgeous.

    There's no place like home, is there? This is making me want a blue and white kitchen now.