Friday, September 20, 2013

My Lemon Tarts sharing with you...

                                          ~*` My Lemon Tarts `*~

3 Eggs
5 Tablespoons of Butter, melted
1 cup of Sugar
The Juice and Finely Grated zest of two Lemons

To make the Lemon curd, In the top of a double boiler, (with simmering water below)

NOte: They don't tell you but you have to have a pot that is Stainless Steel and a rubber whisk or plastic spoon or it will taste like metal. the bottom pot don't matter.  They also didn't tell you in this recipe that you need to cook it for at least 25 minutes for it to get thickened.. I had to search for it.. 

Continued recipe:
 beat the Eggs into the melted Butter. Then stir in the Sugar.
Beat until thoroughly combined
Add the Lemon Juice and rind gradually
cook until thicken, stirring constantly
this takes about 25 minutes..
 Let cool before pouring into the baked tart shells
(If you have extra you can store it in the Refrigerator for a week a and used as a spread on bread or cookies)

So here is further information:

This recipe only made those three tarts.. so if you want more you have to double the recipe. The tarts that I have here above are about four inches across.

Next recipe: 

Pie Crust
A simple crust fast and simple..

One cup of Flour
two heaping tablespoon's of Lard
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 cup of cold Water

Place all ingredients except for a mixing bowl.. mix until you produce a flour as a fine cornmeal..
Add a little water at a time about 1/4 cup until mixture will hold together.  Roll out very thin on a floured counter top.. cut out size to your preference,  you can also put the crust in muffin tins
 make sure you cute enough to cover the sides of your tart pans or muffin tins. .


Same thing with this recipe, It only makes the three tart shells shells above. So if you want more you have to double this recipe.. but it's a simple recipe..

I hope that you give this a try and that you enjoy it. I had lots of fun making these going to do it again maybe some smaller ones for a tea  party..
doesn't this look devine a yellow tea party.. 


  1. Thanks for the recipe..they look delicious! Wonderful tablescape.

  2. Those lemon tarts are so pretty and delicious looking. I have always wanted to try Lemon Curd. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are simple Egretta... so simple

  4. Beautiful tea setting Janice. Lemon tart look so yummy.

    Have a good weekend.