Thursday, September 5, 2013

Look at this, someone gave this to my brother.. so he gave it me.. it comes in pieces.. so the other day I put it together and hung it up.. but I was thinking that I could paint it white if I want.. this old storage place needs a paint job as well the Owner gave me some puple paint.. So I'm thinking if I can fix the outside of it and paint it..then spray this white it would look pretty... but it's birds all over and like tulips for the candles.. really cute..

O I just realize the other things are Apples.. how cute.. It's kind of hard to see everything at once and I was so busy trying to put it together..

I love birds and I love this piece.. I have some other things that match... that hold up the roses.. I wanted more of them but by the time I accumulated some monies they didn't have no more and they never brought them back.. They got some different ones that didn't compare..

I love my Angel .. this year I put him in the tree in the back.. next to me.. He fit just perfect.. I want to plant some grass this year.. I asked the nursery for rows but they don't carry them.. but they do have seeds in a box and she said it's pretty simple to do.. So I guess I'm going to give it a try.. she said in November.. going to do just a small area first to see how it goes.. plus I have to dig it all up and take out the weeds and add soil to it then seed it.. FUN >>> .. Well it's already Thursday and Mom went to the hospital again she was building up fluid again and had to be drained.. but this time they didn't admitt her.. So according to them we are going to have there things go on.. It's almost the weekend.. can't wait for Sunday I'm going home... Yea...
                        Have a wonderful day my friends.. *
                                       With Love Janice............
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  1. Janice,
    This wall hanging is so interesting and very unique. I love it! I love the birds and the candle holders. I'm sure you're glad that you get to go home this weekend.

    I am always surprised and delighted to see the changes that you make on your blog - your Header and such. Jess does most of the design work on our blog, and I still have yet to learn all of this.

    Have a blessed weekend, Janice. Your little angel is sweet too.