Saturday, September 21, 2013

Officially Autumn

~*` It will officially be Autumn tomorrow Sunday `*~ 
September 22, 2013
Isn't it wonderful... 
this is a Photo of my Homer Laughlin Theme Pattern..
I love it.  I think it's perfect for Autumn

I adore the Theme Pattern... Yellow I want to call them corn flowesr a Pink Rosey flower.. and a tiny almost like forget me knots flowers... Sweet green leaves...

The sugar bowl is fully decorated, so lovely even with a flower on top ..

They are luscious,  just dreamy and creamy in color........the embossed edging is so wonderful..

The Tea cups and saucers are fully decorated as well.. I just love the feeling of them.. They feel so Victorian.. Can you imagine who used them and what the table talk was.. how the women looked.. we they just a little old fashioned. And the fact is they were made in the 1940's but they seem so further back in time..

Truly I love this pattern and I'm so please that I had purchased it.. The set is almost complete only missing a hard to find matching Tea pot... and some square plates and I'm not sure it has flat soup bowls to it I haven't been able to find any showing.. I had found one Tea pot sold, and four square plates to purchase with one having a tiny chip.. Not sure if I will purchase them, but I'm considering it.. they might be hard to find soon..

Wishing you all a most Lovely Day today and a Enchanting for Day of Autumn Sunday.. with love and beauty.............

                 ~*` Its arrived........................ Victoria, Welcomes Autumn................................ `*~
Be back soon till then have a wonderful weekend.. I will be spending mine at Home with Sweetpea and Church on Sunday afternoon... Blessings to you all .......


  1. Ciao Janice!Buon autunno!Le tue porcellane sono bellissime!Ci parlano proprio di giornate autunnali per i loro colori caldi!Baci,Rosetta

  2. The tea cup and sugar bowl is so pretty, Janice. You always have the loveliest china items. I haven't read Victorian magazine in awhile, but have always liked it. There are many great ideas.

    Have a peaceful weekend at home, dear.


  3. I wasn't sure if it's Victoria or Victorian magazine. Will have to pick up a copy soon. :~)


  4. Have a good Sunday Janice..keep on blogging...☺

  5. Happy autumn! Your porcelain is fantastic and very romantic, I adore it