Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Whispers Of the Past....

Have you ever had something and wondered where is was before you found it.. Who it belonged to.. This is a piece that I found Oh years and years ago..On Dad's truck.. I can't even remember when I found it or how it was.. but I know that I have admired it always..

It's casing is so beautiful.. the design is very sweet..Everything from the past was made with such perfection as far as I'm concern.. such details and work.. I believe these were made in the 1800's.. It sits on my nite stand among other things.. It at times moves it's was around my bedroom but never has lefted... I have often stared at it wondering who the baby was and the woman.. what became of them and what were there lives about...

Who would imagine to make something so detailed.. from top to bottom side to side..

I surround myself with old beauty from the past.. I wouldn't have it any other way.. New things just don't appeal to me at all............. ... I have two of these green vases..

More treasures of the past.. more whispers... Hat pins.. I finally found a way to display them.. In my Potpouri Jar..

They have joined the Hummingbirds...

My vintage looking Large Butterfly pin.. I wore it to Church on Sunday to hold my sweater together.. I love all it's colors I think It perfect for Autumn...

It has many stones in it.. even her eyes have stones.. it's a very pretty piece..................

Happy Whispers from the past.. wishing you a lovely Thursday full of Whispers Of the Past.. Have a Enchanting Day...
                                                   With Love Janice


  1. I love vintage things becuase they are treasures of the past. Everything is such beautiful. The butterfly is gorgeous

  2. This brings back memories Janice ..I have a jar like that some"where"..what a beautiful idea for the hat pins. Gosh I wish I knew where mine was..the pin is gorgeous..Thanks for posting and Blessings sent your way......sandyC

  3. Janice, you often refer to finding things on your Dad's truck. Can you explain what you mean?

    The picture frame is just beautiful. I too often wonder about the people I see in vintage pictures at thrift stores or antique stores. I would never want pictures of my loved ones to end up in a thrift store :-(

    Always enjoy your pretty blog so much.

    Blessings from Arizona,

  4. you always have such great inspiration...y love vintage but kind a stuff as pictures of my family i dont post them on internet neither i will want them end up in a thrift kind of very personal...i saw you change your blog to green...nice.....your welcome to join my hobby blog im starting all over...i love dollies but we dont used them in holland so i chose for grannies and post all what im busy with...loves soraya

  5. What beautiful pieces! They have such a wonderful patina to them! Hat pins are so hard to find any more!

  6. Love the butterfly pin and its rustic look. That picture frame is a mysterious piece of yesteryear.

    Good to see you are looking after them