Friday, July 27, 2012

The days flew by...FRidAY...

GOOD MORNING, Can you believe it, It looks like rain outside. The end of July and it really looks as if its going to rain. The sky is cloudy and dark. With the sun peaking in from the side...
Such a view where Mom lives, where I grew up....It's one of the great views in the city..Well I started a new Star doily yesterday. I have another order but I'm trying to locate the Pink thread I need for it...So in the meantime that's what I'm working on...I woke up dreaming about, well yesterday I started this doily then I thought well I'm going to make a White dress with Red trim and a White sachet bag with Red trim..Then I thought to make a striped Red and White. Then this morning I awoke thinking to purchase some little tiny red buttons to sew on..My mind just keeps going in circles..Wish my hands could crochet faster...
I start out with one thing in mind and hash it around...Like the first sachet bag I made..then it comes to life once I start crocheting..
I have a ton of things going on it my mind concerning crocheting ....
It's like that, starting with Black & White then as I start it burst into to full color...

I'm already wanting to finish this to get started on that White and Red dress...So I'm sure I will finish this over the weekend if I don't have much to do and can start on the dress....can't wait to do it...I have three different White & Red I want to do. I really really want to tackle this large doily that I love so much with pineapple which I never have made...One day soon..
Well I think it's time to pack up and go home to visit my house lol...Been at Mom's for a couple of days she wasn't looking to hot...But I will be back soon...So I'm leaving you with this...Trust in the Heavenly Father above always and completely Heart & Soul...with much Love Janice
HAPPY WEEKEND.........Have a Great DAy..


  1. Very pretty, Janice! The red and white is so pretty. I hope your mom is doing better.

  2. What a pretty doily! I have never learned the art of crochet... great job!


  3. Thank you everyone....for such sweet comments they give me inspiration to accomplish more...God bless