Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mornin...Where I surroundings,the garden,and somethin new..

While I was waiting for Vee, she went to buy me a bag of Masa to make Papusas...Which is an El Salvadorean dish....It's like a tortilla but stuffed with cheese and or beans meat etc...anyhow I took this picture of this Catholic Church called St Peters It has been there forever and a day...I thought it all just looked so pretty....
The front looks so pretty if I had the time I would have went inside to get some photos...

This is Casa Lucas, a place where I go to buy my produce...It's wonderful they have so many things...they even have things from Mexico pots n pans...It's where I bought my Turquoise enamel pots...
This is La Victoria, a Mexican Panaderia...Lovely fresh baked breads sweet bread...they bake fresh everyday there in house...
A little history: 1951 Don Gabriel Maldonado opened a little bakery at 2951 24th Street named La Victoria Bakery. At the time it was mostly an Italian and Irish working class neighborhood in the inner mission near to St. Peters Church. He eyed the location across the street, home of Murphy’s Drug store, as a better location as it was directly next to the church and on the “sunnier side ” of the street. In 1955 he moved across the street and never looked back. La Victoria Bakery has been making pan Dulce the original way for over 60 years. Just the way grandfather and great-grandfather Maldonado had been doing before little Jr. opened La Victoria. Real milk, whole eggs. and fresh starter.
In La Mission it's where I live...Strong Latino cultures are present...and a variety of other cultures...there is always a smell of the Panaderias baking there things and other foods in the street. I have lived here in San Francisco all my life and I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else.
Oreja ~ Palm Leaf, One of my favorites...Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside so yummmy...

Domínguez Bakery Lives History, right across the street is this Mexican bakery...which I usually go to...I know them personally...It's also a family owned the Mother then the daughters as well work there..
In its 45 years of business, Domínguez has done no advertising and its business has built through word of mouth. On a recent Tuesday morning, dozens of customers came in, as they have been in many cases for more than 20 years.. It's the best when they are baking, they allow you to go into the back area and get the freshly baked bread and sweet bread...ummm so so good..nothing like it..
Carmen Domínguez, Hurtado’s mother, served as the head baker until her retirement in December 2009 A very sweet woman who did most of the baking....the other favorite of mind and I don't remember the name but its almost like a pudding with cinnamon and raisins velvet smooth...
A painting on their building
They are many murials along the street in the alley ways...
By: Lucia Mendez and Bryan Facha view murals on Balmy Alley. I hope you enjoyed the area that I showed you...It's what they call the heart of the Mission area...
The Garden update:
My tomatoes are growing now so happy. Last year I barely got any and this one is huge with tomatoes coming. I have also had a problem with lit white flies and this ugly little red brown bug..I had to soap the leaves in different spots to try to maintain them..I want those tomatoes to grow..they seem to suck the life out of the blooms...lit buggers...
The last of my Purple Gladiolus.. My red ones haven't made any blooms yet..I might have them in the wrong place..
Last nite Vee got on the computer so I sat down I had been playing with the pink thread from the other day, something going around in my this is what I came up with a sachet...with those same colors..I really like them..
I can't get a good picture this morning, but I'm going to make a little Lavender bag to go inside...
I can't seem to get the right light this morning...
Awe here we go...much better ...More ideas to come..stay tuned in...wishing you a most lovely enchanting Thursday with much love Janice


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  2. What a lovely neighborhood. The delights from the bakery look so good! You garden is looking great. I love fresh summer tomatoes!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow, your local baked goods look FABULOUS! Your projects are alway so cute. "Someday" I hope to learn that craft.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  4. What a nice tour! That bakery looks like it has lots of tasty the church too :)

  5. Janice,
    St. Peters Church is so beautiful. I am Catholic and have been my whole life. These baked goodies look so yummy, especially the pudding with the cinnamon. I would love to have these charming bakeries in my town. I don't have too many here. In fact, I wanted to try those french macaroons but I don't know where they sell them. Good luck with your tomatoes. There's nothing quite like home grown tomatoes.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. You are so talented Janice. I do love your work. My mouth is watering just looking at all your pictures. How nice to support a local family.
    The church is beautiful.
    Great blog!

  7. JANICE! Thank you for visiting me last night! THAT CINNAMON dessert...I wish you had the name of it for I believe I grew up eating this! And my husband, who is of Puerto Rican heritage also ate something similar.

    Happy day! Anita

  8. Janice, You have a very beautiful Blog. I love your crochet work and the victorian ladies. Teacups and pots are things I collect too. I am learning to run my camera so I can do a blog too.... Have a great weekend. xxoo Catherine