Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainy Day...Yuk....

Well it's a ugly rainy day here in San Francisco. Well I'm finally done with my order can you believe it..At one point I thought lol I would never see the end of the tunnel..jk.I love to crochet and I'm really pleased and grateful to have gotten this order from Cracker Jax.. she is a very sweet lady...Laureen is her name... Thank you Laureen..I'm working on ms Egretta's now I already almost have the first one done.
The two pink and white doilies, the photos aren't that great today...I just couldn't get the rite light.
I hope that she likes them, I think that they came out pretty nice...I really like the lavender Tea bag holder...It seems to be my favorite one. Though I like them all.
All ready to go, I'm feeling really tired today...But I'm going to be off to the Postal Office to send this package off to her...
I've added a Homemade heart filled with Lavender, because she gave me such a large order...It smells so good...I will soon be making some more to sell. I have a cute Idea for some crocheted ones if I can figure out how it was made..I have so many ideas in my mind but can't find enough time to produce them. So, I'm trying to accomplish one at a time. Well I know this is a short post...But I must be off to to the Postal. Vee has a tour of the hospital this evening..yesterday I stayed in and watched movies all day. One of my most favorite movies is Sabrina. Have you ever watched it?

If not maybe you should...I love it....
(You can scroll down to turn off my music player if you wish...)

I hope you are off to a great new week...be back soon with love Janice Enjoy your day


  1. Hello Janice...Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and your lovely comments...It's so lovely to visit you ...your crochet is really pretty...something I hope I will learn one day!
    Hope you are having a happy, crafty week,
    Susan x

  2. Hi Janice, I am excited you have started my tea bag holders! They are so beautiful.
    I liked that movie Sabrina, too. I love older movies! Have a good week. Egretta

  3. Lovely blog...wish I knew how to crochet! My daughter saw a little crocheted Loki character from the movie The Avengers and loved it! LOL~ Your sofa and teacups look charming :)

  4. There is something so lovely about
    a stack of crochet thread items..nostalgic maybe? Simpler more elegant times. I love how they all just look stacked up so pretty.