Monday, July 2, 2012

Droppin in to share a quick recipe.....

Getting ready for some hot tea,
Yesterday I had this idea, if you can make Salmon cakes and Crab cakes why not Tuna cakes...So I got a can of Solid White Tuna open and drained it..put it into a bowl...flaked it up added some finely chopped Red Bell Pepper, One small stalk Celery, 1/4 of medium Red Onion, Salt & Pepper, 2 Tabs of Mayo, about 1 1/2 cups of panko bread crumbs, One Egg (mix egg a little bit first before adding) also some Red chili powder or Paprika or both...I used a little bit of both...mixed it all up...In black skillet added some Oil, and about 1 Tab of my mixture and made some cake with it...about 10 I believe...and fried them up..
They tasted good warm or cold...I brought some for Mom today and she liked them..and so did I...I also made some quick Tartar sauce..
1/4 cup Mayo, couple teaspoons of sweet plain relish added some sprinkles of black pepper... served with that a a fat slice of lemon
I didn't make them to thick...they came really was a nice lite lunch...You could probably serve them with some nice sweet Ice burg Lettuce...with some sliced tomato...salt & peppered...nice cold glass of Lemonade or Ice Tea...I hope you try them and enjoy them...Let me know...
This multi colored Doily was one of the first ones I made...when I first was learning, while living in Long Beach they had a Salvation Army down the street from me...I found my first two Doilies that were just two small one back and forth..easy rite...the pattern was two flowers large one at each end...One day I think I will make them again. They were just plain white and I have done them in many colors...I remember one day I decided to make it a double long one...using the pattern and adding a piece in the middle then another one of the pattern at the as long a dresser scarf, It was all one piece though...all in white...
It doesn't show in the photo...probably because of the multi color thread...
Okay time to get off and go cook some dinner for Mom & Vee, and myself...I wasn't going to post, but, I liked my Tuna cakes so much I wanted to share them with you...wishing you a great evening with love Janice


  1. This sounds so delicious! Love the blue china and the crochet. Have a happy 4th!

  2. OOh! What a great idea! I always seem to keep tuna around. I just had some salmon patties for lunch at my mom's house the other day she whipped up. Her recipe is very similar to yours. I will try tuna!

  3. Thank you Susie, you are so sweet...they are really will like them...hugs..

  4. Lots of wonderful posts here and great ideas!