Monday, July 30, 2012

Candy Cane line....pasta and some bowls...

Helo good afternoon ya'll....I decided to make a what I call A Candy Cane line...
This is my first doily completed...
So I made this Red and White one and then I have a vision a a Green one...So just before I had finished the edging on the Red I started the Green I know I'm terrible...But that's just what happens ....
Well, then I had this other thing popped up into my head and I thought well I need to make a Candy Cane dress...

These photos don't do them justice at all...the colors are so much prettier in person...I love them so much...I have a bunch of Ideas in my head for this line..I hope you will like them.
This Is the Dress that I started I haven't decided whether or not to put this piece on the front of it...will see
I spent the whole weekend on my couch crocheting away..I was so intrigued with it all.. I didn't do much else what did you do for the weekend... Well I did make this pasta on Saturday for me and Vee...Hehehe her tummies getting so big now and my Grandchild is busy now...His name is going to be Isaiah Sincere Bonilla...I kind of like it...
I had to fry my mushrooms separate Vee don't like them...I used the largest bowl for the yummy pasta.
These bowls came off Dad's truck like most things...and I had them sitting up in the attic for the longest but took them down last year and brought them home..I like the ridges
Here's the other three...
What do you think about these, aren't they great gorgeous....I got these off of Ebay...they are on their way in the mail. I know I know, but I just had to get them they were half off .... Plus on the positive side I know I can copy these and make them for Ya'll...if anyone is interested...I'm so excited as well...FINALLY MY NASTY NEIGHBORS are moving out ....Yeah Hooray...doing (is that how you spell it) but yeah...I'm extremely excited. They are so dirty...yukie...I just hope and pray that we get someone decent..So Pray for that please...ty.. Well I'm about to jump off of here and do a few other things check my email and facebook and try to visit with blog friends...wishing you a most lovely evening...Nite Nite..God bless you all and thank you for visiting me...


  1. Janice you are so amusing,I love your posts. so glad you got rid of your neighbours,you might get a bit of peace.
    Love your new crochet too. I haven't done too much other than a couple of dolls outfits,and currently knitting hubby a cable sweater. He's a slave driver,he keeps saying can I have it next week. Give me strength,he thinks i'm bionic woman.LOL xx

  2. Hi Janice,
    I would love to be able to crochet! My mother never learned so I never did either. Your doilies are so pretty and I love the colours!
    The Lavender Rose teapot came from my mother. It was the pattern I started for her when I was first married when I worked in a jewelery store. Since then, it had been added to over the years and when she down-sized, she passed it all on to me. That is how I acquired the teapot and so many pieces of the pattern. I hope you are able to get more yourself. Thanks for your visit and have a lovely day.


  3. Your first doily...came out stunning...great job. I always love to stop by here and see what's hookin....and pasta...what's not to love...? the little dress is so pretty, I like the little granny cute...

  4. Thank you ladies, I appreciate your comments so much...

  5. Your dollies are just beautiful. I am going to have to try my hand at that? Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

  6. Hi, so very nice to meet you !!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful visit and comment on my blog.
    I love the things you have crocheted !! I'm getting in the mood for Christmas ; )
    Have a great day.

  7. Hello there! I think I've found another kindred spirit! Your bowls? I have some just like them and they are my grandma bowls (because they all belonged to my grandmothers on all sides). I have them on the top shelf of our bookcases in our library. (Library sounds fancy, but it's our old dining room which was way too small.) I also saw your cute little bee teapot and I have the exact same one! So glad you buzzed by my little cottage so I could find you!

  8. You have been busy, Janice! I love your candy cane pretty for Christmas, or really just anytime!