Friday, July 6, 2012

A afternoon at Beverly's craft store...

MORNIN, wow there are just so many things to look at and want from Beverly's...just tons of things..but I kept telling me...I'm just here for certain things...Boy but was it I bet I could have bought half the store...
I looked at a few things as we walked in, but then made a bee line to the crocheting thread and picked this up make a wash cloth..I haven't never made one...but want to. I don't know any pattern yet though...I will have to look around...
So I picked up the thread needed...there were so many that I wanted to get but it will have to wait for the next trip...I have so many ideas in my mind...I bought some foam balls because I have intentions to make something with them...but I can't tell just yet, I will have to see if it works out first...hehehe
I also picked up a yarn of muslin material for another idea that I have...
But boy I tell ya, if I had extra monies I would have bought some much more...they had some gorgeous materials...and I have looked at a pattern book forever...I didn't though but saw this young girl looking over brought back so many memories and made me think how wrapped up I had gotten in life...and how things had changed...which set my mind off into stars filled with ideas and dreams...
I found some sweet buttons for the Tea bag holders...the flowers just seem to big to wrap the closure's I'm going to try another approach.
Bunch of ribbons for my ideas....
Pretty lavender ribbon with lace...there were so many of them lace with I had to pull myself out of there...O and Vee bought some blue feets and hands for her scrap book for baby...
I wish I could have taken more photos maybe of the's pretty large...and just full of pretty things...well I hope that you enjoyed your visit...I have to get busy and finish up my order..that's focus for the weekend...and listening in for Church...wishing you a most lovely day...with love Janice


  1. Thank you for stopping by. I love all of your pretty purchases especially the tiny buttons and the yarn. You mentioned needing a pattern for washcloths. There is an online site that has all knit and crochet patterns. All you have to do is sign up. I am going to paste the website here and I hope it works.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Well, it didn't work but maybe you can type it in.

  3. I love to go t arts and crafts stores! We don't have one here, so I have to travel when I go to one, but what fun it is. And you always want to buy everything there! You purchases look fun and I can't wait to see all your new ideas come to life. Have a great weekend, Egretta

  4. Nice to meeting you mrs janice,thanks for visiting and for your time.You have such a beautiful blog full of inspiration ,Love all your crochet projects.the tea bag holder , the dress potholders,the doilies ....everything.I can see you had a good time shopping today.I love to go too.But I'm off Sunday and Monday soooo,I have to wait .I'm working on a dress pot holder you are showing in your blog...cause I just bought my book few days ago.I have more dresses potholder patterns ,few styles.I love them.
    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend,


  5. Just wanted to tell you that I didn't forget to send you a check, just super busy trying to get my first pattern up and having ALL sorts of complications. Not a computer gal, that's for sure. I'll make myself a note to send it this week! Hope all is well.