Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday and doing my dresser...

I tried to get a good picture but it was difficult...but here is the one dresser I finally started working on...I just love it..I'm undecided though how I want to do it..I almost thought I would just re-do it and put bees wax on it...but it has some spots I think I mite have to paint it white after all. It was my first plan anyways
Plus my son took off the rest of the rope pieces that went on the front. He said they were broke not realizing maybe they could have been fixed..I want to see if I could replace them..
It's one of its neat characters. maybe I could find something on line.? It's a beautiful dresser...I have a long dresser that a friend gave me...But guess what I think I have the matching one to it in my storage. I forgot my ex husband had gave it to me along time ago..but I think its the same as this...
I got the top sanded down and the one side...Then we woke up and it was raining I had it covered but not enough so me and Vee rushed out to the Garden and drug it in. So now it's sitting inside my kitchen...I hate not having a garage to work in like I had in the big house...It makes life difficult...Specially since our weather hasn't been cooperating with me.
I love this part of it...this piece is removable first time I ever saw that...It has a screw piece on the back...very unique.
I also got one small draw sanded ... I been thinking I have seen furniture painted white and the top left to do natural and that's what I'm seriously thinking for these pieces. I love the natural color of wood specially when the grain is so pretty..Another idea was to leave the two tops little drawers natural too and paint the rest in white...will see first need to finish the sanding of it...
This is nailed in the top drawer which I never seen before either...and I have seen many dressers. I wonder how old it is. It says Cavalier. I just looked online and it seems to be the brand name..but I don't see one quite like this..I will have to keep looking. Cavalier Furniture Co. It's a big company...found one site to find information on it maybe I hope.. Apparently they are noted for there Chests.
The days make no difference to me anymore...before I would look forward to Friday's but not no more..It's just another day.
WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING THIS WEEKEND...Wishing you a most enchanting lovely weekend. WITH LOVE Janice


  1. WOW...what an adventurous project.I'm just not good at that. Enjoy the journey.
    Love that bee cup and saucer!

  2. Your dresser is so pretty, so much detail. I love the look of natural wood too. I think it shows how old a piece of furniture is. I got a armoire of my moms when she passed away, and on the back of it was the year it was made. It's so interesting to see the year of the furniture we pick out. I really like the yello bee cup too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Hi Janice,
    What a beautiful piece of furniture! I love the wooden carving of a man on it...I guess it represents a Caviler, the name of the company. Anyway you do it, I am sure it will be pretty. It is pretty now, even!Have a great weekend.

  4. looking forward to seeing this when you are all done. It is lovely as is..character and charm...
    Re: Lemon Verbena, I'm new at this too..but here you may find some information

    she is in the know about such things, we learn along the way...

  5. That is a really neat dresser. I know painting thin gs white is really the fashion right now. But I love pretty grained wood, too. Especially on a good piece of old furniture like this. If you have to do a little of both that would be neat. I would try to replace that trim if I could, but it looks like it would look nice with out it, if you are going to paint it. I don't have a garage to do things in either. It is filled with my husbands car stuff, and his card he works on. But at least you still work on your projects! Your bee tea cup is so cute! I hope you have a great weekend. I don't have plans.

  6. Hi Janice,can't wait to see what you do with this little gem. It's so exciting,doing up old stuff. xx

  7. Hi Janice, Thanks for dropping by! You crochet with the fine thread...awesome! And that chest looks like a big project but it is a pretty one! I just became a follower too!

  8. Thank you for joining me Faye...and yes I love crocheting with fine thread but have so much more to learn...happy Saturday

  9. Thank you everyone else for stopping in and sharing my post with me I so appreciate your comments and input...

  10. What a lovely blog and what a talented lady you are. Thank you for sharing your lovely things with us. I used to crochet but gave it up when my eyes went bad. Now I buy from others. :) I love that old fashioned pink..