Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All finished....

Well, I know it doesn't look like much at the moment. But can you tell what it's going to be????
Finally getting around to finish it up...the final piece looks so cute I just love the colors...
O you have to know by now what it is...It looks like a dress to me...And It is at that....A special little dress for Ric a Rac and Polka dots...Julie...
I finally finished everything else and sat down the nite before last to complete this dress for her...Each step done pushes for the next step...It's like a challenge to create something the more you get closer to the end the more you want to finish to see the results...I was curious to see the finished product with the colors that she chose.
I later decided to make the red belt I couldn't wait usually it's one of the last things I do...
So I put her on my girl statue while I crocheted up the belt...
Not long enough need to do a little bit more..
Awe there we go perfect....
Here's a brighter picture from this morning...The others were from the evening it was dark by then...
I'm really liking it, the colors are nice together..I'm thinking to make one for myself...
Just busy working away this morning wanting to get it done. I really want to see it after is finished.
Making progress...
Got one arm part almost finished...I'm adding the red edging already. Ok close your eyes we are going to speed dial ahead...Ok open them...da da...lol
All finished...
These are my things from my kitchen..they would match that little dress...I just don't have the pink...but it would fit anyhow...The blue and white one now hangs in my kitchen...
I made this star doily to go in my kitchen.... I have blues and white and aqua in my kitchen...but the more I saw this red and aqua I want to add red and aqua
This is a item I got a few months back I just love it with its scalloped edges so pretty in person
I just made this dish cloth though I haven't put the edging on it yet and now I'm thinking I want red on the edge. Humm tuff decision...
This is the original dress I found years ago..I loved it but didn't know that much about crocheting with fine thread...Last year I finally just sat down and looked at it and said I'm going to do this and I did...I can't read patterns very well...So I crochet by eye...I can't wait till you receive it Julie..I think it came out very sweet and I think your going to love it..Like I do.
Well I hope you all liked it...Now off to the next challenge...wishing you a blessed evening with love Janice...


  1. Very nice...you are talented in your work..I need to practice more on my crochet so I can make such pretty things...blessings

  2. Thank you so much Shelley I'm trying.

  3. Stunning. I just love the little dress potholders. How do you have yours displayed in your kitchen? I have mine in my "kichy cabinet ", and a few I've got on my kitchen window with suction cups. I love making these little dresses. You crochet lovely and you can't read patterns, all by eye...wonderful job. I'll let you know about the mozzarella, having a cuppa right now.

  4. Hello Shelley...Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! Thankyou for entering in my giveaway...but sad to say..it is closed and I already announced a winner in another post but if I ever make it to another 100 followers I will do another giveaway...I hope you continue to follow!
    Your blog is beautiful...just beautiful!

  5. Hi Janice, How darling that little dress is...you are making the PRETTIEST things! Now I have your address and am sending you my payment today. Can't wait to see my pretty tea bag holders. Thank you again.
    Beautiful blog...I really enjoy every post. Egretta

  6. So pretty! My mother and aunts crocheted. I was a terrible student and just didn't get the hang of it.

  7. Janice, me again; I sent your payment today, so you can just send them when you get it. I appreciate it and will look forward to having some of you beautiful things. Egretta

  8. Janice,
    I love it!!!! I can't wait to get it. The dress is just exactly what I imagined. Thank you so much. I feel so important, being posted about. Well at least my dress!!!! We just took mom to the hospital again last night, she had another fall, so I am just checking in really quick with the blog, but gotta run!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your lovely project. It is adorable and I love the color combination. You are so talented! Have a great rest of the week.