Saturday, July 21, 2012

MoRnIn, Just pink........<<((+_+))>>

Good morning ya'll, I got up early to take some photos for you....I was busy crocheting last nite working on two things, Egretta's order for her two Tea bag holders and a Star doily for me...I love this pink. It reminds me of vintage...I hope you like it as well.
I'm almost finished with the two Tea bag holders, well for that fact the doily too...My mine is always thinking of what I want to do. I have so many things I want to try but my hands can't do it all fast enough.
The other day I was looking through this basket that I've had for a long time, that of course I found on Dad's truck...anyways I had put some knitting needles and crocheting items inside... I found this other star doily in it,that I guess I purchased from the second hand store...I had forgotten all about it...I will post it soon it's fairly small...and it's in red white and blue...neat little thing..but of course right away my mind started thinking what other colors I could make it in... I also have ordered some vintage doilies for the couch they are o darn I forgot if I ordered the kitty kats or the brain...wink silly..well I want to make some I think the pattern is easy for me to follow. You will see later...
I have to say I love my Tea bag holders, when I'm done I'm going to make myself some in different colors...and surely one in this pink...
It feels like a great morning with the sun shinning through the glass sliding door at Mom's...It feel warm and cozy...I can't seem to figure what I want to be doing today...Maybe go home in a little while and work on my dresser might be a good idea since there is no wind...
Well we will see...I'm not sure what the mood is today...what about you what will you be doing today...???
Do you see what I found at Mom's in my cabinet...Pretty Jade piece, I think a mini pitcher..It's to large for a creamer...
I received my Place mats finally, they are very pretty....
This is the design on it...It's a Cross Stitch so sweet..and the edging is the heart
The full photo ... I couldn't get to good of a picture..but I love them they are like bran new like no one ever used them...I'm so pleased with them...
Well, I think that's it for today...


  1. Hi Janice, Your crocheting is absolutely beautiful! You are so very talented!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Thank you so much Beth...I appreciate that...

  3. Your work is so beautiful it is inspiring me to start a project. :)

  4. Oh Janice your crocheting is so beautiful,and that colour mmmmm.
    Hope you had a nice weekend xx

  5. your colors are soft and lovely, I love the pink/cream with the lovely together....

  6. Hi Janice, I just love the pink tea bag holders!!Can't wait to receive them; they are so beautiful. I haven't got the email yet, but will send payment as soon as I do. Maybe it didn't go. Please send total again to me. And thanks so much!
    Your new placemats are really pretty and I love that jade creamer.

  7. Hi Janice, it is me again! I just looked at my emails and didn't get one from you. I tried to send you one through Google Friend Connect and could not for some reason. My email address is, so I will wait to hear from you. Thank you, Egretta