Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spending the day at home

What a day it turned out to be. I'm so excited I been getting free furniture lately for some reason. A friend first gave me a old piano bench and two old "I guess" book stands from probably the1800's. then the other day he came by with this antique dresser and said do you want it I was like wow sure. I found a old newspaper from 1950 inside the drawer. So I had took the mirror home and left the dresser here because he said he was going to bring it over to my place for me. well he didn't show up. So today they called to tell me he was on his way with it so I was like sure I'm hanging out doing some garden work. . . I'm waiting and waiting finally he showed up ...and I put the dresser in the storage house. and he talked a minute or two then ..he was like ok bye do you need anything else and I'm no not really except for the cabinet I want for my room then he was like o I saw this Oak shelve sitting on the sidewalk with all its shelves and it looks nice do you want it...I was like yeah...if it's not rackity racket,  ya know wobbly. he's like no it looks really nice. so he doesn't have much money and he ask do have some money for gas and I was totally broke no cash on me. so I mustard up 3.00$ in change. and he said that's cool . He went to get it and when he brought it back I couldn't believe it. It's  gorgeous. So we had to move the press board shelve I have in this one place, but it was to big for that spot. So then I decided to move the desk and put it there. It just fit but I can't open the door to the wall. just to the shelve. Which I don't care anyways..I took a picture but my phone went off I forgot to pay the bill..I'm just so amazed, can't figured out why they threw it away. But people just throw good stuff tells me all the time..boy I'm thinking I should start a business...This guys name is  Yoshie, he's always coming across something. Lol I probably will be dreaming of the shelve all nite..It's big but the great thing is that It took all my videos..I'm so happy happy I can rid of the other press board shelve as well. I want to get a China Cabinet that mom has in her storage this summer for my pink glass..much excitement for me. I like the fact of things becoming a reality. I been wanting a shelve forever but decided I probably was going to live with my press board one forever...But the lousy part is that my living room is twisted up so I have to rearrange a few things. But I'm happy and thankful for the Oak shelve..more than anyone could imagine. . . I need alot of things for the garden. I guess I will get them slowly. I brought some things I had from moms these scallop bricks to built a bed. but I need much more and a billion bricks more. I want to make a pathway plus the beds. Patients is the best things rite..I seem to sooner or later receive the things that I need. but lol I'm thinking cause my funds are low each month I can buy a few bricks till I get what I want.

This is what I would like to do..a brick walkway..I thought of grass then it's water and water is money rite. I thought of wood chips and that get messy and I'm thinking my grandchildren playing and throwing them. So I think bricks will be best. well I think it's good nite I'm tired out between the garden and all the moving and putting things back....Sleep with the angels. 

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