Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Morning

Morning Ya'll, I'm tired out this morning. I guess I did to much yesterday. But today is a run around day. Got to get up and go. Go to the bank, do groceries, all the fun stuff. I'm planning a baby shower for my Daughter in Law and my Son. So I have to get some more things for that as well. check on some envelopes for the Invitations. My youngest daughter is designing them and making them. I'm yawning away here I can hear my water boiling and I'm so lazy to get up and make my tea. This is a morning when I wish someone would make it for me..Well No such hold on be rite back...Ok here I'am. I want to start back on my weight watchers. I was doing so well. Since I had gotten sick I gain much weight and want to loose it. So today when I go for groceries I will get some of the things I need. I will start posting those recipes that I have found case someone wants to check it out..So today will be my last Biscotti so to speak..I'm ready to do this the weather is changing so I'm hoping I can start walking like I used to maybe not as far but a little bit.Before I got sick with the Panic thing I walked almost every morning..I miss it. I loved to walk and gaze at all the houses store fronts when I walked from here at moms, once I got off the hill and passed the hospital there were the produce Markets I would go like around 7am when they would be just rolling out there big displays with the vegetables and fruit the Mexican bakery would be opening as well and you sometimes could see them bring out the fresh pan..(bread) That's one thing I would like to learn how to make. Mexican bread, I only have made some Mexican Wedding cookies and these other fried things Bunuelos. Well I'm off to check on some new weight watcher enjoy your morning I will be back soon...

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