Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Okay well I'm still here

My plan was to go home yesterday, But mom didn't feel good so I ended up going shopping without her. We had these big plans to do this and that. but I went with Victoria ran to the bank and did the shopping but then she called me just as I was finishing shopping and said she got ready did I want to go to the Place we call Saver's a big second hand store we always go to, cause she still had another 30% coupon..And I was like ok lets go. It was late already so we went and I was so happy cause I found the sweat shirt that they wouldn't sell me from last time plus four more two are bran new...Have you ever experienced this, I saw a lady looking at clothes but in her basket she had this beautiful picture with butterflies etc. I was wow why didn't I see that. I wanted to take it out her basket...lol..I did find one nice picture but I didn't have my glasses and I thought it said 4.99 and Victoria came by and said wow mom your paying 14.99 for that, I was like no..it says 4.99 she said no..lol it's 14.99..boo hoo put it back for me plz..(water's boiling for my tea) I woke up late this morning which is rare for me.
I love pretty tea cups don't you?  well back to the second hand store. I also found my older daughter some nice fruit valances for her kitchen..I think they will match her things nicely. I also found a couple of little sweaters for my grandson, her son...It's a ugly morning the fog is lingering out over the bay and you can barely see Oakland this morning..in fact it's really barely. But that's San Francisco for you plus are weather seems to be changing almost every day.. So what am I doing today, well I have to run to my house, plan was mom was going to drop me off this morning but she just said she don't feel like rushing take myself it's rent day so I need to give it up. And now I just notice the mole on the side of my head it irritated so I think I need to go to the doctor and they will have to go with me. Because with my panic I don't do much alone and now I'm a little nerves about it, whats going on with it? scarey .But I think I scratched it..Nerves...hope it will be okay. It's always something.  O my, the sun is peeping out. I didn't hear the news so I don't know what the weather is suppose to be like. like that matters anyways they are rarely rite. well half the time..lol.
So shortly I will be running off to my house to meet the landlady to give her the check. O and my friend who finds all the things on the street found another Oak shelve but this one doesn't have the shelves in it but he said has the holes for them, so he's suppose to drop by and let me see it. I need something for my room and I'm thinking maybe my son could make the shelves for me.  Will see..
Last nite I made Watermelon Salsa which everyone thought I was crazy. It tasted really good to me.

Here it is I made Taco's and had it on the side they served it with a white fish. But ever since I saw it I wanted to have it..I enjoyed it. Mom couldn't decide and no one else would try it..lol..o well..Well I guess it's about that time to be going my plans keep getting changed. I wanted to do some other things not going to happen at the moment so have a very blessed day..hugs

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