Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Filled with gloom in my heart and fear of never loving again. Thinking with a panic what shall become of me. I gaze and think that you filled the emptiness that I now posses inside me. It's funny how you never now exactly what you have till it has left you. Growing old has no comfort because I thought it would have been a blessing. but only to find that it is not, doing it alone without the pleasure of Love beside me. Filled with Dreams and fantasies where do I go from here? Age makes no difference for I learned that you still breathe you still feel and you still want and maybe more so than before. My days are longer and longer for I posses nothing in my heart but memories. Memories of you. You holding me in that special way. Your lips touching mind so softly. Your body caressing mind like some kind of magic. The memories are glorious, the memories  are painful. I can not erase them nor forget them. Though at times I wish I could. Then there are moments where I wished I had more. Than again not. True Love what is that? Is there really a true Love? Only you know that, because of what remains in your heart.....Loving you has been a most difficult part of my life...But the Love I do posses for you is grand but at times the pain is more than I can bear. Its not that Love is pain. It's after losing someone you love is pain...Because before that it was the most beautiful thing or I would have never fell in love so deeply...Loving you always ..........

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