Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have so many things to post for you

I have some other things to post for you from my house...
Going to start here with my Swiss little salt n pepper shakers...I love these found them one day on my Dad's Truck I so miss that digging threw it and finding things...
Some of my blue n white things....
I love these 70's tiny planters...I finally got my little African violet replanted it was ready to die..Did a lot of work in the Garden. Finished all the cleaning now Amen...Re cleaned the storage and re planted some seeds.
 now just have to finish the other part where my personal things are..I bought some turquoise bins to put everything in...Then I will be totally done arranging my house and having everything together..! Then lol I have to go and clean my storage then moms etc..alot of things to do...Here are some of my turquoise things starting with my Lazy Susan..so sweet..

 my pastel cups. . . the dark blue one goes with them..but they looked pretty this way. Here's some other dishes called Calico, my oldest daughter first found the cow creamer in another Good-will across the bay. then we found six bowls at this garage thrift store..and they had these egg cups. but she wanted to much money for them..O well another day...maybe lol..I really wanted them..the store ended up closing and I couldn't get them even if I did have the money...sad!
This is a piece it's not old just a repo...but I love it just the same.
Some blue and white pot holder one green n one turquoise..a couple of linens.

My tea cups hanging up..see there is the blue one...some more linens. and here is my favorite item of all my Coffee grinder I just love it had it for years and couldn't get it hung up finally..
All together my good ness...lol...going to start another blog..hope it's not to many for today..just catching up.lol...

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