Tuesday, May 24, 2011

O Good Morning to YOu...

I didn't think I'd be up but I just couldn't stay in bed. so It's only five hours of sleep and later on I'm sure I will be much sleepy...I was trying to take some pictures of the material things that I found yesterday..It's so wonderful..I had forgotten that I had a chair that my friend Yoshi gave me..It needs to be recovered.  I have all my furniture pieces now. I can't wait to paint them..If the darn wind would stop blowing..I mite be able to be in the storage and start sanding them down. I have dreamed of how they will look when I'm done. I need to take a picture of them before I start...

This is what I'm feeling today...I'am me & I like that...So many people are not themselves..glad I don't have that issue..I'm over that relationship and I'm ready to move forward...Good bye Marvin Saunders...
So back to the things I got yesterday..I really wish i had a better camera...hoping for the future. Here's alittle frame that I found for my granddaughter's new picture..I have been looking for one..I think this will fit just rite.

and now for the dishes I found my creamy white soup bowls...I'm hoping to find some nice plates I was lucky to fine all eight of them.. A close up I also got those serving spoons. O and I almost forgot I got found this little tiny pink basket.  I'm so grateful most of the time I find what I need...Now to move on to the blue glass I found...my fav..
can you believe I only paid $2.49 for the set little plate n bowl I got six of them. . . This large round serving plate it was only 3 something.
I also found three of these I hope they will go with the three tea cups I have...It was a great adventure at the good will...O I'm so happy MOm said she will take me to get the sage tea cups...so excited I must have dreamed about them all nite...I love my mom...she is so good to me.

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