Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sad n Blue ....

Well it's a sad day and not a sad day...It started out blue and sad. but I just left it alone and went out to the garden. It always helps me feel better and forget my troubles. But I'm trusting in our Father above to help me through. I think I'm done believing in men!!! This morning the garden was nice, it looked like if it was was going to rain..then the sun came out.

Here is some of my things in my garden I'm just getting started, this basket, the blue jays keep taking out the straw leaving me with nothing they are so bold. darn guys..I have to by a new basket holder. My fern I thought had died but it came back to life hummmm..nice..

My strawberries are growing really well. and my green beans are taking off finally we aren't having enough sunshine. . I have a lot to do still. it will take me a while maybe by next summer..

 well it's almost time to go home and have my bible study wish you a great rest of the week...much love!!!

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