Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Morning

Mornin Ya'll, I'm ready for the day and so ready to go home and get busy to straighten out my house. I want to get started on my project Janice's what I'm going to call it. I have alot of ideas in my mind. I think thats why sometimes I can't sleep rite my brain is working. So I decided to paint my little round table black and I have a wrought Iron chair I'm going to the same. and I found the other day at Savers a nice black pillow with pretty flowers and Mom had found a seat cushions a few weeks back and i'm going to steal for my chair. Those Items are going to be place by the lemon tree in back of my garden...So thats the first project to spray paint both the little round table and the chair.
Here's the pillow but it's actually more brighter..the roses are more red.. I took a picture of the sunrise this morning as you know I love the sunrise and sunsets though I haven't caught any sunsets lately..O water is boiling for right back..awe a nice hot cup of tea..It's funny I drank coffee forever and when I got sick I had to stop..sometimes I miss it the smell is amazing but not caffeine for me. Moms says to try the decaffeinated coffee but I'm to scared to try it..don't want to take a chance to have a panic attack..yuk. so I will just stick with my decaf tea...

We have some clouds across the bay it is clouds across the waterfront and you can't see anything this morning.

This is to the left where the Bay Bridge is you can't really see it in the picture though. I listen to the weather last nite and I'm not sure what we are having was warm but rain later the weather man sounded confused. Sprinklesz, you know she is my cat that stays at Mom's house because when I moved they wouldn't let me have she boarder with Mom then she got attached to her sister Isabella so I left her here..She was peeping out the back door while I was taking the sunrise pictures..they are stay in cats. They are always trying to smell the air.

and Isabella is in a box by the back door looking as are so funny! well I can't wait to go home and get started with everything. I think I'm going to fix everything inside first. then work my way out. I just been running home dropping off things and bags and laudry and leaving so I have things to put away and straighten out the rest of the living room. I think just hang my one picture and vacuum up. the dinning area I want to change above the buffet and hang a lovely picture but I think I will have to remove my mirror.. so thats the second project. Kitchen is good and the bathroom I'm thinking to change it to yellow. . with the pink. rite now its all pink. hummm. it's been on my mind for weeks now. Bedroom with have to wait because I need to paint the furniture I have the sand paper and the primmer and I need the's so darn expensive and as you know since I've been sick my money is limited..well I suppose that's it for today...I have to round up the rest of my things that I want to take home and load the car a little later. Mom said we are going to run to Saver's one last time she has another coupon..that will be good cause I had bought these Mexican looking place mats for the baby shower but they had three more and really I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't get the other three. so maybe they will be there. Well I said maybe. pray..So I will be leaving and I'm going to try to say home for a while..I hope..nothing makes me nerves. Wishing you all a great day and a wonderful new week..( soon I hope to get enough money to get a lap top for home) Love n hugs Janice....

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