Sunday, May 15, 2011

Half Sunny & Half Cloudy

Mornin, my heart is going in circles this morning, I didn't leave yet. I have this problem at times I want to go home but can't get up and go..I gues it has to do with the panic etc. But the my heart is going in circles I'm not sure what to do about someone part of me says go away and the other say no...............He made me mad but in my heart I care about him...Darn you  (Marvin Saunders)
I'm frustrated this morning....dang what do I do??? Try one more time??? Okay I do love you ...
So do we belong together? Can we do this...snaps.............................what to do................well.
God if this is rite then let me know, my hearts in a shambles and don't know which way to go and you know the rest. . . Trust is the most important thing in a relationship rite! Can we become one.? Plz tell me.
Are tears good or bad cause this morning my tears won't stay inside. not sure why but yeah. . . Are we soul-mates Marvin Saunders or what? do you know? cause I feel something inside me that I can't really explain. Janice Louise Saunders...Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Saunders  ???????????????????????????????
can I see my life with you, Yes I can, Can you see your life with me??? I can see a clear picture inside me inside my mind. .My love for you is what keeps me here Marvin nothing more. . . 
                                                  I LOVE YOU I DO!!!!!  I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOU OKAY...


  1. Hi Janice, Sorry you are feeling so blue. I made a post to you the other day but it didn't go through. Hope things get better. Sincerely, Catherine

  2. Thank you Catherine so nice to hear from you always..enjoy the day........

  3. Hi Janice, thanks for the comments on my blog, so sweet! Looks like your having a man problem... The roses have been a sanctuary for me when I have this type of trouble! I have been painting roses for 23 years now and just started teaching. Hope you work things out, Christie