Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm leaving today for home to stay for several days, I probably will be back on Thursday which is Victoria's school day. See I didn't hook up a computer because I'm hardly home now that we are closer to Mom we spend a lot of days here. Mom is 76 and she has bad knee's so I like to be here to help out. So I hope you have a great week. I will be running around this afternoon and then spend the time at home to work on the garden and rearrange the living room a little put the laundry away and just so many things hopefully after this I will have everything together in my house.hummmm lol maybe. Well the only thing that I can't get rite is my bedroom I keep changing it because I can't find the rite colors So my last resort is blue and white and I hesitate because kitchen has blue and the dinning area is blue and beige. And the other is O maybe three I have burgundy comforter and things and the other was purples..Idk..I'm so so lazy today I just can't tell you..I want to skip the bank and groceries etc. and go directly home but I need some food because we haven't been home to stay for a short minute just a few hours only. O well gots to handle the business.............enjoy your week see you on Thursday my firends.


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