Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Evening my Friends.

It's been along day...I started in the garden cleaning the rest of the leaves and now the pile of weeds and leaves are all gone...So happy for that seems as if it took forever... Garden seems to be growing slow and I was telling Mom I think it's because we are barely having any Sun what do you things have been there since almost end of March the only think that's growing rapidly is the Strawberry plants..My little Swiss Chard seemed like it was stuck...It finally is starting to grown up some and my tomato plants too..I've had a hard time with my seeds. I'm wonder like Mom said maybe the birds are eating the seeds, this morning I saw some little feet prints in my radishes and I just replanted them...Hummmmmm I love birds but not when they eat my seeds...Well I ended up doing more than I was setting out to do...But the good thing is that my garden is clean and my house is all clean and I came to moms house because tomorrow I have to go take my application in for S.S.I. I'm so nerves about it..I keep wondering if I will be accepted....Well the blessed thing is that I have a Lawyer thanks to My counseling place...I'm so appreciative...well, Myspace is acting crazy like always I send my photos threw there and the other day half of them didn't arrive like normal...and guess what lol..they are there silly..I had took this picture of SweetPea, she had this funny face while

Well I thought it was cute...O and my greenbeans and potato photo showed up too...hum I was mad the other day..I made this totally different normally they would boil everything even myself I do that. but I wanted to try it I kind of blanced the greenbeans after cutting them into small angled pieces..then I fried some bacon that I cut into small pieces..with some onions. After that was finished I fried the potatoes up..then put it all together and cooked it a minute and honestly I liked this much better it's alittle more work but well worth it. Mom really liked it as well.
'This was the day I made the Lentil and rice and Tabouli, was all so good together...yummm
the Tabbouleh I just soaked a cup of  Bulgar for about 30 mins using warm water to just cover the top of the Bulgar and cover it with plastic... then I cut up a cucumber removing some of the seed part cubing it up to  small pieces then two tomatoes roma ones same thing cube them, a couple of green onions thinly sliced and well Chopped Parsley, I don't use a lot of Parsley about one cup full  I think it's alot nicer with less Parsley some people put way to much and it's like your eating just that...yuk! lol...
Here's the Tabbouleh, then what ever amount you would like to eat you add some Olive Oil and Fresh Lemon juice according to the amount you like I use um like maybe three tablespoon Olive Oil ( I never measure it) and a whole Lemon just because I love lemon and Salt and Pepper...
the Lentils that I prepared I did this..I cooked One and half cups of Jasmine Rice it has such a wonderful flavor, then in a small pot I cooked some lentils..maybe half cup and some chopped up white onion..I put it on medium high heat and let them boil away and when the water got down I added some beef bouillon...So I had just a small amount of water remaining and added to the rice..I also had browned some white onions to put over the top..salt and pepper..Then I packed it all up and brought it over to Mom's It was a nice change. It was a nice dinner.

I showed you this the other day but not all my pictures came and I wanted to share it with you and tell you how I did it....So I hope that you try it and you enjoy it as much as we did....

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