Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Poem by Mr. Gregory Mcwhorter...

I have something to share with all of my friends today, A new Friend share a piece of his work with me this morning and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

My Gospel when your mind and body step through the door carrying the weight of Ur world on Ur shoulders, Stress of life bearing U down like a carnivore upon its prey an all that you desire is for all of it to go away Ur boding craving more then attention, more then need,

My Gospel is that moment in time where you can forget all and let my fingers relax Ur flesh

When all U desires is to shut down and forget everything for a while feet sore, head hurts, Ur back weary from day to day daily struggles, eyes heavy longing for sleep

My Gospel looking deeply into Ur soulful eyes, removing Ur shoes, massaging Ur feet, drawing all Ur aches, pain and suffering out into my hands

My Gospel Ur head laid upon my shoulder, as I take Ur stress within my arms an whisper close your weary eyes leave this fuck up world behind,

My Gospel if U need to dream, I give U dreams of firelight dances upon imaginary walls, relaxing your senses releasing Ur soul

My Gospel I feel U even with out U ever saying a word, I know at times U feel like U can't take anymore It's not my job to argue, I'm just going let U vent and fuss then lay with U and hold U tenderly within strong arms, and take Ur pain, suffering, doubts, ur insecurities and make it my own, so that U might feel my heart and the strength of my soul as by Gospel U are free   My Gospel

Written By Gregory Mcwhorter...

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