Friday, May 13, 2011

Helo my friends

Good mid morning my friends, couldn't get online for a few days do to maintenance here. and then I was at home. I can log in but with my little phone can't write anything. It's been a good week got my living room all put back together and in order it felt good nice and clean. I worked in the garden and I have just one more little patch in the back to get the weeds out of. Then I will be all done and can continue to fix it. It's looking pretty good even though I still have alot to do. This is a picture of one of my blue n white tea cups I used it yesterday at home. I'm at mom's now came yesterday evening. I'm so excited I went to a place to get counseling for my panic attacks and they have lawyers that come and help you get on SSI. so yesterday we filled out the forms for them to help me..I have to call today oopps I forgot already. my memory is so bad. So I will call after lunch then. But it eased my mind very much because I didn't know how I was going to survive..Blessed for sure. I so believe in the father above. And I thank him for his patience with me. 

Here's a picture of my new spider plant I too from one mom's grown so much and I only had it like two months maybe. I guess it likes the lite from this window. I took a few pictures of some things in my house.

Here is my little blue winged fairy she is very little this is a close up. She sits in my kitchen window. I love seeing her in the morning sun lite.
This is vanilla sugar I'm doing I just did it yesterday. I had bought the vanilla beans like o six months ago and I finally got around to it. well I just bought this little glass jar w/a duck on it. so I thought this would be perfect for it. It smells so wonderful..going to be using it in my tea.
 My blue lamp shade I love it. I took another picture when I was cleaning I can't wait to see if the owner will let me hook it up in my dinning room...I still can't over that I only paid well the price was marked 17.99 and I got 30 percent off that...great deal.

Isn't this so adorable, it's a crocheted butterfly I found in my things I was looking through this bag of linen to put into a bin. I'm thinking if I can make sweet. then there was this little dollie with different color pansies on it. Crocheted with fine thread and i'm sure a small needle woman just made wonders back in the day..and it's being lost..

so nice and sweet!

Here's some vegetables I made when I was at home..I got some sausage patties from mom's connor store and cut them up and fried them threw a couple slices of onions and some cabbage then a half of tomato cut up and then some snow peas w/ alittle bit soy sauce and some water..and served it with some Jasmine Rice..very nice..
And here's a peek at my foccosia I made. I think it came out wonderful. I made one mistake though I didn't read the directions properly and added to much yeast so I'm going to make it again paying attention lol..but it still tasted good. This morning mom cooked breakfast for me so I cut a piece cause I brought some to her  and sliced it down the middle and toasted it..tasted great. Then I thought it's just like bread why couldn't you make sandwiches with it..hummmm...I want to find a recipe that calls for the one with the red sauce on it and green onions so today I will be searching for it...Hope you enjoyed my blog today..Have a great afternoon. O I will post the recipe for you for the Focossia bread...

With Love

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